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The once revered Tibetan Mastiff went from a status symbol to hot pot ingredient in China

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In some areas leopards commonly hunt dogs. They will even carry off dogs much larger than them, such as the Tibetan Mastiff and Newfoundland, that are used to protect from them. Iron collars are sometimes used to protect the dog's necks so they have a chance of surviving the initial attack

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  1. Once prized Tibetan Mastiffs, who a few years ago sold for upwards of $200,000 (with one particulr dog going for $1.6M), are being sent to slaughterhouses at $5 a head now that the "fad" has faded in China

  2. In 2013, a Zoo in China angered visitors by trying to pass off a Tibetan mastiff dog as a lion.

  3. Tibetan mastiff, a large dog breed once so prized among China’s elite that each sold for between $130,000 and $250,000, have become so unpopular that slaughterhouses will pay $5 for them.

  4. Back in 2014, a high-rolling Chinese businessman shelled out a whopping $1.95 million for a golden-haired Tibetan Mastiff pup, making it the world’s most expensive dog.

  5. A Chinese zoo once tried to pass off a dog as a lion. It was a Tibetan Mastiff, a longhair dog with a mane.

  6. The city of Yulin, China holds an annual dog-eating festival. 10,000 dogs are killed every year for the festival, and breeds range from Dalmatians to Labradors to Tibetan Mastiffs.

  7. A Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold last year for 12 million yuan ($2 million) at a "luxury pet" fair in China, the highest price ever paid for a dog.

  8. The most money ever paid for a dog was $12 million yuan ($1.9m USD) for a golden Tibetan mastiff.

  9. The Tibetan Mastiff is most expensive dog in the global world today sold at the price of 1.5$ million usd

  10. The world’s most expensive dog is likely a Tibetan mastiff puppy that sold for $2 million; status symbol among wealthy

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Tibetan mastiffs in China, an ancient breed used to guard flocks and villages at night, surged in price to almost $1.6 million dollars from just a few hundred yuan. Though the price has fell, the breed is still widely sought after.

People in china are willing to pay outrageous amount of money for tibetan mastiff. Sometimes going as far as paying 3 million dollars. - source

A family adopted what they thought was a Tibetan Mastiff and later learned it was an Asiatic Black Bear - source

The most expensive dog ever sold is a Tibetan Mastiff. It was bought by a Chinese property developer for $1.95 million.

The Tibetan Mastiff that was once sold for over 1.6 million dollars is now being sold to slaughterhouses for meat. - source

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Pugs exist because Chinese eunuchs took Tibetan Mastiffs and forced them to f*** some really small dogs!

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