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Eamon de Valera was imprisoned for leading the Easter Rising. While inside, he took the chaplain’s key and melted candles to make a copy and sent it to his friends. They made a real key and put it in a cake. Valera was able to walk out scot-free. He went on to serve as the President of Ireland.

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The Irish Taoiseach(Prime Minister , Eamon De Valera) and President (Hyde) offered their condolences to Nazi Germany following Hitler's suicide while aware of the crimes carried out by Germany

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  1. Walt Disney asked to meet Eamon de Valera — to talk about Leprechauns

  2. The first Cuban-American to become a president was Eamon de Valera, elected President of Ireland in 1959.

  3. When Eamon de Valera was arrested by British in 1918, he sent a letter to one of his friends with a picture of a drunk man trying to put a key into a hole. A friend sent him a key made to the specifics of the key in the picture baked into a fruitcake, and de Valera made his escape.

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