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Jayne Mansfield died in a car crash in 1967 aged 34. Her car hit a tractor, killing her instantly. After her death, the NHTSA recommended requiring an underride guard on all tractor-trailers. In America the underride guard is sometimes known as a "Mansfield bar".

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After the Sandy Hook shootings, people donated more than 65,000 teddy bears, 9 tractor trailers of paper snowflakes, and half a million letters to a town of only 27,000 people. Since then the bears have been re-donated across the globe to places including Haiti, and Afghanistan.

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  1. On a rainy March night in 1999, robbers climbed atop a Loomis, Fargo & Co. tractor-trailer truck while it was being driven down the highway, cut a hole in the thin aluminum roof and snatched 270 pounds of $20, $50 and $100 bills worth 2.3 million dollars before escaping undetected.

  2. A tractor trailer’s hitch came loose in Indianapolis and spilled 38,000 pounds of marbles on the roadway.

  3. A passenger in a Tesla Model S died in an autonomous car in 2016 when the autopilot system failed to detect a tractor-trailer due to lighting and weather.

  4. Semi (tractor trailer) engines are designed to never be shut off except when changing the oil and servicing the engine.

  5. The reason so many tractor trailers in the US are registered in Oklahoma is because of tax and fee incentives beginning in the 1980s, while the relative burden on passenger vehicles was much higher.

  6. Joshua Brown was the first known death caused by a self-driving car after his Tesla failed to recognize a white tractor-trailer from a bright sky.

  7. Semi trucks are called that because the trailers don't have front wheels, and can only be used when connected to the tractor part of the truck. So the trailers are officially "semi-trailers" which eventually evolved into "semi truck."

  8. The Dept. of Energy's "Office of Secure Transportation" transports nuclear weapons and materials via (specialized) tractor trailer, covering 3 mil miles of road a year.

  9. In Australia exist road trains: a tractor tows several loaded trailers. World record is more than a 100

  10. Semi trucks or tractor trailers average somewhere between 4-8 mpg of fuel. Going up a hill it can dip to 2.9 mpg, but going down a hill it can rise to 23 mpg.

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On November 9th, 2014, three tractor-trailers full of meat, eggs, and cheese crashed on I-24 near Monteagle, TN. All of the ingredients for an omelette were combined on the highway.

All tractor trailers have 'rear under guards' on them known as Mansfield Bars, after 1950s pin-up star Jayne Mansfield was decapitated from crashing into the rear of one without a guard. - source

Despite 40% of the scenes depicted in 1978 shockumentary Faces of Death have been proven as fake, the scenes were paramedics are scrapping the remains of a cyclist crushed to death by a semi-tractor trailer off the road are real and were taken from several newsreels. - source

Not to drive behind the tractor-trailer as underride guards on big rigs often fail in crashes

Tests are underway to incorporate solar panels into roadway surfaces that are strong enough to support tractor trailers and coated with crushed glass to prevent vehicles from slipping. - source

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The death of Jayne Mansfield of head trauma by the car she was riding in crashing against the back of a tractor-trailer led to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommending requiring an underride guard on all tractor-trailers to prevent that from ever happening again.

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The total amount of gold ever mined worldwide is equivalent to 60 tractor trailers

The bar on the back of tractor-trailers is called the “Mansfield Bar,” named for 60s bombshell Jayne Mansfield who was killed when the car she was in rear-ended a tractor-trailer, shearing off the top of the car and nearly deacaptitaing her.

A trucker, Robert Ben Rhoades drove a mobile torture chamber tractor trailer around the country for possibly 15 years.

Nevada has licensed the first fully autonomous commercial tractor trailer

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Former playboy model Jayne Mansfield changed the auto industry, she is responsible for the under-ride bars on tractor trailers now known as a "Mansfield Bar"

Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order SVU is the daughter of 50’s playboy playmate and actress Jayne Mansfield, who was killed in a car accident. 3 year old Mariska was in the backseat. The accident led to new regulations on tractor trailers

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