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When Stephen King was run over by a car in 1999 the driver apologised and said he'd never even gotten a parking ticket before. King, lying injured, replied: 'well, I've never been hit by a car before'.

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Owning an electric car in Norway grants you free public parking, free ferry trips and the right to drive in bus lanes

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  1. An Ohio woman once got out of a parking ticket because of a missing comma in the state's laws. She successfully argued that her car wasn't a "motor vehicle camper" and therefore wasn't included in the list of prohibited vehicles.

  2. Self-driving cars can cruise to avoid paying to park. When you factor in electricity, depreciation, wear and tear and maintenance, cruising costs around 50 cents an hour. This is still cheaper than parking, even in many smaller towns.

  3. A Chicago man bought a car in his ex-girlfriend's name and - after the breakup - abandoned it, illegally parked, in O'hare airport. The car then accumulated over $100,000 on 678 parking tickets, which the city asked the ex-girlfriend to pay.

  4. In 2017, Frankfurt police found a car belonging to a 76 year old man who had forgotten where he had parked it 20 years earlier.

  5. After tourists to a Cotswold village of England complained about a parked yellow car "ruining their picture perfect photos", and even vandalising said car, hundreds of drivers across the country took their own yellow cars down to the village in defiance

  6. In the first movie of Jurassic Park, the T Rex malfunctioned and wasn't actually supposed to break into the car. The kids were genuinely terrified and the T Rex broke it's tooth.

  7. In the 1960s, Wham-O made a "giant" Super Ball, roughly the size of a bowling ball, and dropped it from a 23rd story window as a promotional stunt. It destroyed a parked car on the second bounce.

  8. A man cut his truck open after hearing a purring noise come from his parking car and found a stray kitten had lodged itself in the frame. He carefully drove to a Humane Society, where the cat was safely rescued. The Society set up a fund to repair his car, with extra money to help other animals

  9. In 2012, a Chicago man bought a car for $600, registered it in his ex-girlfriend’s name, then parked it O'Hare airport and racked up 678 parking tickets totaling $105,761.80.

  10. André the Giant was once in a Montreal bar when four drunken men started to taunt him. André finally got fed up and chased the four men out into the parking lot. When the four men got into their car, André simply grabbed the car, turned it over onto its roof with the four men inside, and left.

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A woman named Chante Mallard hit a homeless man with her car, sending him through her windshield. She drove home, parked her car in her garage & left him stuck there. He died, so she took the body to a park & set fire to the car. She was caught 4 months later when she talked about it at a party

A Chinese man kicked a dog who was in his parking spot. The dog came back the next day with his dog pals, and they attacked his car, chomping on fenders and windshield wipers. - source

When McDonald's first introduced drive-throughs to China, the concept was so foreign that many people would pick up their food through the drive-thru, park their cars, and bring the food inside the restaurant to eat it. - source

After surviving a car accident and receiving a settlement, Paul Dennis Reid used the money to get a plastic surgery, and then pursued a career as a country singer, under the stage name Justin Parks. When that failed, he became a serial killer.

Owning an electric car in Norway grants you free public parking, free ferry trips, and the right to drive in bus lanes. - source

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In Russia, there is a group of boys who attempt to force traffic regulations in Russia, which can vary from blocking cars driving on sidewalks, to placing stickers on cars who park in illegal spot to. The group is called Stop a Douchebag

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A giant Wham-O SUPERBALL, made as a promotional item, accidentally fell out of a 23rd story window, bounced 15 stories in the air and destroyed a parked sports car by landing on it.

One of the top 10 most secure places in the world is a unique multi-storey car park in Derby, England. The architect designed it in response to his car window being broken and his stereo stolen. Other entries in the top 10 include Fort Knox, Air Force One, and Saddam Hussein's Baghdad bunker

When Alfred Hitchcock was five his father sent him to the police with a note, the policeman looked at the note and locked him in jail for few minutes. This experience left him with lifelong fear of policemen and he wouldn't even drive a car in case he got a parking ticket.

In 1963, four Princeton students forced a local train to stop by parking a car on the tracks. With a gun loaded with blanks, they got on the train, picked four girls as their dates, and rode away with them on horseback.

A plot to detonate a car bomb in Central London was foiled after one of the cars involved was towed for being parked illegally.

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In the Soviet Union you would have to take your window wipers with you when you parked your car or they would be stolen due to a shortage of auto parts.

After 9/11, a commuter train station in New Jersey made chalk marks on the tires of unclaimed cars in the station parking lot to help identify the missing

In the US you can be arrested for drunk driving even if you're sleeping it off in the backseat of your parked car.

A London skyscraper's curved glass facade caused a series of fires - reflected and concentrated sunlight spontaneously ignited the carpets in adjacent businesses and melted parts of cars parked nearby

The first confirmed victim of Takata airbags was 18y/o Parham. As she drove around a car park, she lightly bumped another vehicle making the airbag inflate, sending metal pieces at such tremendous force that one hit the teen’s neck slicing open her carotid artery. She bled to death in her seat

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A man whose car bore a license plate reading 'NO PLATE' received notices for thousands of unpaid parking tickets.

Geothermal water is used to heat around 90% of Iceland's homes, and keeps pavements and car parks snow-free in the winter.

Not only was King Richard III found buried under a city car park, but coincidentally was almost directly under a large painted "R" for Reserved

A suburb of Sydney, Australia installed loudspeakers at a "trouble spot" in a car park to drive away the hooligans by playing Barry Manilow songs.

In 1963, Brian Blessed saw a woman in labour in a park. She recognised him from Z Cars and said "please Mr. Blessed, I'm having a baby", he not only delivered the baby but he bit through the umbilical cord

You have to have a parking space first, and get a "Proof of Parking Space Certificate" from the police station nearest to where the parking space is located, before you can buy a car in Japan.

Malibu, CA homeowners erect fake "No Parking" signs to keep beach-goers away, but legally parked cars get real tickets.

In 2016 pregnant British mum Jessica Stubbins paused in the hospital vestibule and delivered her own baby in less than 60 seconds while her husband parked their car.

About franeleros, men who "protect" your parked car in Mexico, Argentina, Phillipines and Brazil in return for a "tip". If you don't tip, they smash the car. When this was made illegal, prices increased instead because the franeleros had to bribe the police.

About the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, a global community of enthusiasts who convert their cars into Jurassic Park replica vehicles.

A parking space in Hong Kong sold for a record $664,300.00. Car park cost more than some two-bedroom homes in the city.

According to statistics from Stockholm (capital of Sweden) the cars with the highest number of parking violations (weighted for number of cars) are Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Lexus. Mercedes owners were the worst for parking in handicap spaces.

A man was so pissed that his girlfriend dumped him that he bought a $600 car, registered it in her name, and parked it at O'Hare airport and left it there until it had more than $10,000 in parking fees.

If you park next to a fire hydrant and firefighters need to use it they smash your window and run the hose through your car

In the UK, drivers do not have to immediately stop for unmarked police cars, but can instead choose to continue to somewhere they feel safer, e.g. a petrol station or a car park with CCTV

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