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Joe Bell, the father of a son that committed suicide from gay bullying, planned to walk across the entire continental United States within 2 years to spread awareness over bullying and its effects, but was killed after 6 months by getting hit by a semi-truck.

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A 19 year old boy was killed after running a stop sign and being hit by a semi truck. The boy was out that night stealing stop signs

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  1. Throughout the 1970’s the Grateful Dead used a 32ft tall PA system that could deliver perfect sound 600ft away. It had to be hauled in caravans of semi trucks and took 4 hours to assemble. They called it “The Wall of Sound”.

  2. The largest bank heist in history was $920 Million. Qusay Hussein walked into the Central Bank of Iraq with a handwritten note signed by his father Saddam Hussein, and was hauled out in 3 semi-trucks.

  3. A semi truck is estimated to cause 9,600 times the damage to roads as a passenger vehicle

  4. Drafting" 10 feet behind a semi truck can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 40 percent.

  5. Jean-Claude Van Damme took only one take of his "epic split" between two Volvo Semi-Trucks for a commercial. He got it perfect on the first try.

  6. The name semi truck is a shortenend form of the full name, semi-trailer truck, as the the trailer is semi-wheelless.

  7. If you are going to crash into the back of a semi-truck trailer, hitting head on is the safest way of hitting, clipping the side is almost certain death.

  8. Semi trucks are called that because the trailers don't have front wheels, and can only be used when connected to the tractor part of the truck. So the trailers are officially "semi-trailers" which eventually evolved into "semi truck."

  9. The first Semi trucks were made to transport cars. In the 1890's!

  10. Kaleb Whitby was crushed between two semi-trucks while driving in the highway of Oregon. He came out of the wreckage with a black eye and a few scratches.

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My kids helped me record data on the color of each semi-truck we saw (the cab only) while driving on vacation. Then we made this chart. Note that Red, White and Blue dominate.

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Companies That Have Pre-Ordered A Tesla All Electric Semi Truck To Date

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The "Mansfield Bar" (under-ride safety bar fitted to the back of semi trucks) was created after the gruesome death/partial scalping of sex symbol Jayne Mansfield in 1967. The top of her car was sheared off after rear-ending and sliding underneath a semi.

The tires on a semi (truck) are specialized by position, namely, steer, drive, & trailer - source

Semi trucks or tractor trailers average somewhere between 4-8 mpg of fuel. Going up a hill it can dip to 2.9 mpg, but going down a hill it can rise to 23 mpg. - source

In Alaska there is an ice road from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Point Thomson, Alaska. The ice road is 68 mi (109 km) long and is mainly used by semi-trucks to deliver cargo.

There is a contest for semi trucks to see which ones have the loudest jake brake. - source

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a service called Snowmobile that allows companies to move up to 100 petabytes of data to the cloud using ruggedized semi-trucks

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The Simpsons predicted self driving semi trucks.

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Companies That Have Pre-Ordered A Tesla All Electric Semi Truck as of 12/20/2017 updated

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Companies That Have Pre-Ordered 15+ Tesla All Electric Semi Truck Compared to Current Tractor Fleet Size as of 12/20/2017 updated

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