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Tomato juice in the United States is often made from tomato paste, but Canadian regulations require fresh tomatoes.

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Heinz ketchup can't legally be called 'ketchup' in Israel because it doesn't contain enough tomato paste.

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  1. Since 2011, according to the US congress, pizza is considered by law as a vegetable if it contains at least two tablespoons of tomato paste. Ketchup is also considered a vegetable under many conditions.

  2. The word “ketchup” didn’t overtake the word “catsup” until nearly 1980. Ketchup was originally a traditional Cantonese paste made from fermented fish guts, and didn’t include tomatoes until the early 1800s.

  3. "double concentrated tomato paste" is only an extra 1/3 concentrated compared to regular tomato paste ... by admission of the company that makes the stuff.

  4. Leggo's, a food manufacturer in Australia specialising in pasta sauces and tomato pastes, is not Italian (despite commercials often implying otherwise). The founder was, in fact, Cornish-Australian.

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