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Violent crime in the US and Europe was at its highest in areas with the most lead pollution. Violent crime peaked 20 years after lead additives in petrol and paint were banned, before declining thereafter.

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The inventor and promoter of leaded petrol, Thomas Midgley Jr, went on to also invent Freon - the first chloroflurocarbon. His last invention, a pully system to help him get out of bed while suffering polio, tangled up one day and strangled him.

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  1. The outdoor clothing company 'Patagonia' use plastic bottles to create polyester fleece garments and are a leading manufacturer in transforming trash into fleece, decreasing their dependence on petrol

  2. The man responsible for leaded petrol, Tomas Midgley Jr, "had more impact on the environment than any other single organism in Earth's history"

  3. Although many possible reasons have been proposed, some researchers believe the removal of lead from petrol was a key factor initiating a 20 year long fall in crime rates.

  4. The scientist who figured the age of the earth also found the dangers of lead. The petrol industry along with GM had him removed from scientific panels, terminated his funding, and tried to get him fired.

  5. The same guy invented lead for petrol (a poison) and CFCs (killing the ozone layer) and later died by his own accessibility invention.

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