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The Aztecs made swords embedded with prismatic obsidian blades that are far sharper than even high quality present day steel razor blades.

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A World Cup qualifying match between Chile and Brazil was canceled after an opposing fan hit the Chilean goalkeeper with a flare. Photos later proved that the flare never touched him; he faked the injury with a hidden razor blade.

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  1. The common garden snail can pass over the edge of razor blade without harm

  2. The distorted power chord sound of "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks was achieved when guitarist Dave Davies slashed the speaker on his amp with a razor blade. This sound went on to influence heavy metal and punk rock.

  3. People are finding razor blades hidden inside their walls because it was once common to throw used shaving blades thorough a slot at the back of medicine cabinets

  4. That, following the introduction of the double-blade razor, the first-ever episode of "Saturday Night Live" featured a fake advertisement for a triple-blade razor, with the slogan: "Because you'll believe anything."

  5. The wet-nurse chosen by Queen Victoria to nurse her son, the future king Edward VII, years later would use her husband’s razor blade to slit the throats of her six children.

  6. One of parents' biggest fears is that their child's Halloween candy is poisoned or contains razor blades. In reality, this fear is almost entirely unfounded. There are only two known cases of poisoning, and both involved relatives, according to LiveScience.

  7. Dip your razor blade in alcohol after you rinse it. Alcohol replaces the water that would cause it to rust.

  8. The Joker Theme from The Dark Knight (2008) included scraping razor blades on piano wires and tapping pencils on tables to produce a feeling of unease and tension.

  9. The Onion printed a mock-commentary by Gillette's president after Wilkinson/Schick introduced their Quattro razor in 2004, three years before the Fusion was introduced, entitled "Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades."

  10. The strange music that plays during a Joker scene in The Dark Knight was inspired by the sound that a razor blade makes on a piano wire.

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Medicine cabinets used to have slots for used razor blades to be deposited into the wall

Old school medicine cabinets had a slot at the back to dispose of razor blades, but they went straight into the drywall. This has caused many incidences of people finding hundreds of accumulated razorblades in their walls when renovating. - source

The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades. - source

During its first ever episode, one of SNL's skits was a fake commercial for a 3-blade razor.

Unlike snails, slugs don"t have shell. Their entire body is one strong, muscular foot covered in slime that facilitates movement on the ground and prevents injuries. Slugs can safely move across rocks and other sharp objects including blade of a razor.

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Razor Blade business model; "one good is sold at a discount, while the second dependent good is sold at a considerably higher price". Ex: Printer & Ink Cartridges, Razor & razor blades

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The sawgrass that is common in the Everglades is so sharp that its razor blade edges can cut through clothing.

In order to get the grainy effect for the 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' music video, the director reportedly started "scratching the film with razor blades, pouring coffee on it, and smudging cigarettes on it."

In 2000 a teenager was sentenced to 90 days for stealing £6 worth of razor blades. He was killed 5 hours before release by a racist inmate serving life. This was regarded as a failure of HM's prison service.

The Indian Government changed the composition of the 5 Rupee Coin after they were smuggled into Bangladesh to make razor blades

The strange music that plays during a Joker scene in The Dark Knight was inspired by the sound that a razor blade makes on a piano wire.

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At the ancient Puma Punku temple in Bolivia, there are stone-blocks cut with such extreme precision that not even a razor blade can fit between them.

WWE wrestlers are handed off a razor blade by the referee, after "hit" by an object or opponent, and actually cut their forehead in the right spot so it will bleed then heal back up by the end of the week

Professional Wrestler Abdullah the Butcher. He would use razor blades to cut himself and his opponents without their consent, giving one opponent hepatits C after sharing a blade. Because he cut himself so often he was left with scars in his head so deep that he could put poker chips in them.

Michael K. Williams got his trademark scar over 24 years ago while at a bar when someone slashed him with a razor blade, he received an unknown number of stitches.

The real life Peaky Blinders did not sew razor blades into their caps as they do in the television show

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There is no scientific proof that "twin-blade" razors are better than the single blade razors.

The historical adviser on the film 'Gladiator' received a memo asking her to come up with some evidence that women gladiators wore sharpened razor blades on their nipples.

People used to dispose of used razor blades by shoving them through a slot in the medicine cabinet into the wall space

The slot in my medicine cabinet is from the mid 1900s. Men would discard their used razor blades by dropping them in the slot; my wall could be filled with used blades from 70+ years ago.

Snails can crawl over razor-blades and other sharp surfaces pass out without harm

In the 50s people just put used razor blades in holes in their walls.

Adam Savage once accidentally brought two 12-inch steel razor blades onto an airplane without the TSA noticing.

Snails can crawl over razor blades and other sharp surfaces without injury [2:00]

In laser research and development, a "Gillette" is a non-standard measurement used as a rough estimate of a particular device's penetrative ability (e.g., a "four-Gillette laser" can burn through four Gillette razor blades).

Used disposable razor blades were pushed through a slot in the wall where they would simply built up in the wall cavity over time.

Saturn's rings are so thin that if you had a model of Saturn that was a meter stick wide (3 feet), its rings would be about 10,000 times thinner than a razor blade.

The stones of Puma Punku shouldn’t even exist. They are so precisely cut that even a razor blade can’t fit through their interlocking joints, a technology that didn’t exist until centuries later. The Inca believed this ancient temple had been built by the gods who created the world.

Yakuza members atone serious offenses in a ritual called “yubitsume,” wherein the offending individual uses a razor sharp blade to sever the top knuckle of their left pinky. Losing the pinky means they sacrifice the tightest grip on their sword, leaving them more vulnerable in battle.

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