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In 2000 Rage Against the Machine performed a free concert outside the Democratic Convention in protest of the two party system. It was controversially dispersed with rubber bullets and tear gas.

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Tear Gas (and pepper spray) are illegal to use in warfare. Used on our own citizens in riot control, it cannot be used on enemy combatants.

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  1. Tear gas is a chemical weapon banned at war, but police are still allowed to use it on protesters.

  2. The US president's Cadillac One (aka The Beast) is equipped with 8 inch thick bulletproof doors, an oxygen system, a night-vision camera, tear-gas bombs, a shotgun, and pints of the president’s blood type.

  3. There are people in Kenema,Sierra Leone, africa. that think EBOLA is a hoax created by Doctors to steal blood from patients and rioters are trying to break down the hospital gates and rescue the patients inside. police are using tear gas and live bullets to disperse the rioters

  4. In 1921 private police in the US dropped bombs and tear gas on a coal miners camp when they went on strike for better working conditions

  5. While governments are OK with using tear gas on their own civilian populations, they prohibit it in war

  6. Some weapons and chemicals forbidden by armies to use during war are actively used on civilians, including Tear Gas.

  7. Pres. Hoover once ordered the US army to attack US veterans. In 1932, 17,000 unemployed WWI vets camped at the Washington Mall to demand payment owed to them. Hoover ordered the army to clear the camp, so the veterans were attacked with bayonets, tear gas, and tanks.

  8. The United States Presidential state car, nicknamed "The Beast," is a custom built Cadillac with 5-inch thick bulletproof glass. It carries oxygen tanks, night vision optics, pump action shotguns, a tear gas cannon, rocket-propelled grenades, and two pints of the President's blood type.

  9. Like other types of onions, shallot releases allyl sulfide (gas) during the slicing. This substance reacts with the moisture from the air and creates sulfuric acid which irritates eyes and leads to the formation of tears.

  10. It is possible to build up a tolerance to tear gas.

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It is a war crime to use tear gas on the battle field. As a chemical weapon, its use is prohibited under the same treaties that outlaw the use of anthrax and mustard gas. - source

When Peru and Argentina were playing for the final spot in the 1964 Olympics soccer tournament, a disallowed goal led to Peruvian fans rioting, the police locking up fans in the stands and firing tear gas at them, leading to over 300 deaths, mostly due to asphyxia. - source

Walking sticks are also able to release bad-tasting liquid, foul-smelling substance or to emit chemical spray that functions like tear gas which can induce transient blindness in predators. Some walking sticks pretend to be dead until danger is gone.

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Loukanikos, a Greek "riot dog" present and active at almost every major protest during the height of the financial riots. He was named a Time Person of the Year in 2011 and succumbed to tear gas-related injuries in 2014

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Most major Tear Gas production is done within the United States

Tear gas fumes assault the same chemical receptors as the ones activated while eating wasabi

It is against international law to use tear gas in a military conflict

The Indian Armed Forces developed a "Chili grenade", made from one of the spiciest chili peppers in the world. The non-lethal weapon emits a powerful skin and eye irritant and is similar to tear gas

The use of tear gas in warfare is against the Geneva Conventions, but is legal to use by police against protesters

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Tear Gas is illegal to use in war but still used in the US by some police departments

Protesters in Egypt and Tunisia during the 2011 Arab Spring protected themselves from Tear Gas by mixing Vinegar and Pepsi and applying it to their Eyes.

James Holmes of the Aurora movie theater massacre was able to order two canisters of tear gas, bullet proof armor, a 100 round extended magazine and 4,700 rounds of ammo through the Internet legally.

The President's car is equipped with tear gas cannons

As a result of the Beatlemania, police officers in Essen, Germany had to use tear gas and guard dogs to control The Beatles fans in 1966.

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Tear gas, which is often used by police on civilians, is banned in war.

The hottest chili in the world which is used in tear gas is also used in many popular foods even chicken wings.

Grass blower can be useful to deal with tear gas...

President Hoover sent Douglas MacArthur and the army to attack and disperse a group of WWI veterans protesting not being able to cash in their "bonus" certificates during the Great Depression using tanks, cavalry and tear gas because they were perceived as a threat to national security.

Tear gas is a chemical weapon and not aloud to be used in war but on protesters its fine.

Tear gas is illegal to use on the battlefield, but ok to use on civilians.

Since 2003, the U.S. military has spent more than $20 billion in Latin America on law enforcement training, military training, guns, radar, satellites, Kevlar helmets, tear gas, military airports, and deploying guided-missile frigates to chase down drug traffickers.

About the Estadio Nacional disaster. In a soccer match between Peru and Argentina in 1964 a referee made a call that Peruvian fans found unfavourable and swarmed the pitch. The use of police tear gas caused so much panic that 328 people died attempting to leave the stadium.

Despite its common use with police forces around the globe, tear gas is classified as a chemical weapon and is banned from use in warfare by various international treaties.

A schizophrenic man died after police utilized a lethal amout of tear gas in order to remove him from his home, to exercise eminent domain in the building of a highway.

Tear gas does not work on targets that are intoxicated by large amounts of alcohol.

The Indian military is developing a "chili grenade" that releases ghost chili fragments as a form of tear gas.

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