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Nintendo will not allow the creator of Super Mario to bike to work because they consider his safety to be too important

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Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, is not allowed to bike to work because his safety is too important to Nintendo

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  1. The original Super Mario Bros game had 256 "Hidden" levels that were only accessible by swapping the game cartridge with a copy of "Tennis" while the game was running.

  2. Scientists in Berlin asked adults to play Super Mario 64 over a period of 2 months for 30 minutes a day. The group showed increases of grey matter, demonstrating "the direct causal link between video gaming and a volumetric brain increase."

  3. Nintendo is so protective of its property that it bought the rights of a super Mario brothers porn parody so that it would not be distributed.

  4. During filming of "Super Mario Bros." Bob Haskins (Mario) and John Leguizamo (Luigi) were so unhappy working on what they knew to be a bad movie that they would often get drunk to go through with shooting scenes.

  5. A study conducted at the University of Montreal showed that young people who played the 1996 game Super Mario 64 for just two months had increased spatial and episodic memory, which improves brain capacity and helping to forestall dementia.

  6. An A.I. bot was designed to learn how to win at games like Super Mario & Tetris. Eventually the A.I. learned the best way to not lose would be to pause the game forever.

  7. The Koopas in Super Mario are based on Japanese myth creatures who hid in toilets to fondle women's butts while they went to the bathroom

  8. When Dennis Hopper's 7-year-old son asked him why he played King Koopa in "Super Mario Brothers," Dennis told him "So you can have shoes." The son replied, "I don't need shoes."

  9. There were two Mario porn parodies made in 1993 called "Super Hornio Brothers" and "Super Hornio Brothers II." To protect its image, Nintendo bought the rights to both movies and made sure that they were never released.

  10. Play testers for the original Super Mario Brothers found the Koopa Troopa enemies too difficult. Nintendo added in simpler enemies at the very end of production, just to teach players how to beat enemies. They were Goombas, and became the most recognizable enemy in the Mario franchise.

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My Last Attempts at Super Mario Galaxy 2's the Perfect Run

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Players with the most stars in Super Mario Maker

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Super Mario wears a hat because his creator found it too difficult to draw his hair and eyebrows.

The cast of Super Mario Brothers was constantly drunk while filming just to get through their scenes. - source

Kingdom Hearts began as a conversation between two Square Enix producers who joked that the only way they can design a game that can surpass Super Mario in recognition is to use Disney characters. This conversation was overheard by none other than Tetsuya Nomura. - source

In Super Mario Bros., the Hammer Bros. eventually chase Mario if he stands still long enough

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Super Mario series, was shocked by the violence in the game GoldenEye 007 and suggested the game end with Bond visiting his enemies in the hospital and shaking their hands - source

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The Mushroom Houses in Super Mario Bros. 3 already know what item it will randomly give you at the start, therefore picking one box has no advantage over picking the others.

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Nintendo produced a cereal in 1988 called the Nintendo Cereal System which had two vertical bags, each containing a different cereal. One side was the "Super Mario Bros. Action Series" and the other was the "Zelda Adventure Series", consisting of fruity or berry flavored characters and items.

When he was in hiding, Salman Rushdie immersed himself in Super Mario World, and joked that the best way to liberate Iran was to drop Nintendo consoles from the sky

Tom Hanks agreed to play Mario in the the 'now infamous' live action movie "Super Mario Bros". However, studio executives turned him down because they were worried he couldn't handle the film's more dramatic elements. (Clip starts at 4:26)

Super Mario World can be reprogrammed in-game if you have superhuman speed to be able to move the control in a very specific pattern.

Someone used Super Mario Maker to build a level that is a functional calculator, though it can only add two digits between zero and 7 and takes about two minutes to generate an answer.

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Evolution of Super Mario Odyssey speedrun world record + excel forecast of sub 1h

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Number of people who have completed Super Mario Bros. within given amount of time

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The Mushroom upgrade sound effect from Super Mario Bros is just a highly-sped up arpeggio similar to the end-of-level celebration theme. (Watch at about 0:57 to 1:08).

The plot of Super Mario Bros. 3 is entirely a stage play, with stage curtains being drawn at the start, props that cast shadows, and Mario exiting the stage to the right upon completing a level.

Not only did Nintendo make ripoff Lego blocks in the 60's, they also got sued by Lego and won, and the "Lego" level in Super Mario Land 2 is, in fact, a Nintendo Blocks level.

Id Software made a prototype PC port of Super Mario 3 and showed it to Nintendo, who declined permission to fully develop it, leading to them making Commander Keen, which then lead to them being able to publish Wolfenstein 3D, and finally lead them to creating DooM.

The original Super Mario Bros. Only had three programmers and sold 40 million copies

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The "power up mushroom" sound from Super Mario Bros. is essentially the same as the "flagpole" song but condensed into 1 second.

An artificial intelligence named MarI/o learned to play Super Mario levels using a process of artificial evolution

A Japanese ghost called Nurikabe - it manifests as a wall that impedes or misdirects walking travelers at night and served as an inspiration for the enemies in Super Mario video games known as Whomps and Thwomps

Super Mario Bros. was so popular that in 1985 a Strategy Guide for the game was the best-selling book In Japan for two years straight

Early level design of Super Mario Bros. was focused on teaching new players that Mushrooms were distinct from Goombas and would be beneficial to them: In World One, level one, the first Mushroom is difficult to avoid if it is released.

In the original Super Mario Bros. the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom were turned into the bricks and blocks that you find throughout the levels. When Mario breaks the blocks he's effectively destroying the innocent civilians and taking the coins from the remains.

in the backstory for Super Mario, all the mushroom people got turned into objects by the Koopa Turtles Magic. This is why a lot of inanimate objects in Super Mario (ex. Bricks, stones and clouds) have eyes on them

The original Super Mario Bros 2 was deemed too difficult for the west, leading to an entirely new version being made, which was a rehash of Doki Doki Panic. Eventually the west would get the original game under the title "Mario: The Lost Levels"

Toad from super Mario is not actually a mushroom. Despite looking like one, he's actually a bald kid wearing a hat.

Some of the most popular games of the Nintendo Wii include Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Fit Plus, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario Party 8.

In 1985, the best-selling book in Japan was a Super Mario Bros. strategy guide. The author also spent four days straight working on a Pac-Man guide, which resulted in hospitalization.

When Nintendo Game Boy was released its most popular game was Super Mario Land.

Nintendo is the current copyright owner for Mario Bros's porn parody, Super Hornio Brothers.

Super Mario Bros 3 remains the highest-grossing non-bundled home video game to date, having grossed $1.7 billion, adjusted for inflation.

It is possible to program a working game of Snake and Pong into Super Mario World via glitches.

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