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The "Cheerleader Effect" (people look more attractive when they're in a group than when they're alone) coined by Barney Stinson in the TV Show 'How I Met Your Mother' has been the subject of a scientific study which confirmed the theory.

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The rich really are psychologically different than the poor - studies confirm that as wealth increases, prosocial behavior declines.

What is the outcome of the study conducted by watson and stayer?

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  1. A 2010 study confirmed that all life on planet earth evolved from one species of single celled organism, 3.5 billion years ago

  2. Many studies have confirmed having your tonsils removed can negatively impact the immune system and is correlated with a wide range of diseases including leukemia, breast cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, MS, and increased risk of heart attack.

  3. Two years after Boltzmann's death, studies of colloidal suspensions confirmed the values of Avogadro's number and Boltzmann's constant and made atoms accepted as scientific fact.

  4. In 1950, medical researchers proved Sigmund Freud’s 1897 theory that cerebral palsy can happen before birth. In addition, clinical studies confirmed that cerebral palsy can also be caused by birth injuries, though those cases make up less than 10% of all diagnosed cases.

  5. NASA Twins study confirms that spaceflight can damage DNA, change how thousands of genes are expressed, cause genomic instability, cause teleomer elongation, increase inflammation and cause cognitive decline. However, most changes returned to normal post-flight.

  6. Male peacock spiders use complex movement, vibrations, and color to win the ladies over, a new study confirms. But the females are not easily impressed by males' disco dance

  7. A study conducted confirmed homophobic men tend to have the most strong homosexual urges

  8. Major study confirms that Earth is currently witnessing the start of a mass extinction event the likes of which have not been seen for at least 65 million years. It is being precipitated by human actions over past 500 years

  9. Paleontologist William Buckland, who described Megalosaurus, found white spheres resembling ancient dog feces at Kirkdale Cave. To confirm that these were fossil hyena droppings, he let a pet hyena eat guinea pigs and then studied what the hyena threw up or pooped.

  10. Many studies have shown a correlation between myopia and a higher intelligence quotient (IQ). That means people who were glasses are smarter on average; stereotype confirmed!

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What are the characteristics of a well designed and well conducted study?

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And discovered that there is some Studies Show And Confirms That Humans Love Dogs More Than Other Humans

A recent study confirmed that a four-day week made workers happier, less stressed and more productive. - source

Radio frequency EMFs below set exposure limits for humans promote tumor growth. A previous study was replicated, with even more test animals this time, that confirmed the original results of tumor promotion under RF-EMF exposure. Phones don’t directly cause cancer, but rather accelerate it - source

About a study to confirm racial profiling for speeding discovered that black drivers actually sped more often.

There is a scientific study which confirms that Deepak Chopra is indeed a huge BS-er - source

Power analysis should be conducted after a study when the?

According to a study, thinking you could date someone "better" meant that people were more likely to break up, confirming what most people have probably long suspected

How is a case study conducted?

Recent claims of “2.8 million illegals voting in 2008” are extrapolated from a study that found 5 confirmed instances of out of about 80,000 surveyed. They “extrapolated” to get 2.8 million. Direct link to table in comments.

Multiple studies have confirmed a relation between biology and political orientation

In various locations around Colorado it's literally been "raining plastic" as studies confirm microscopic plastic particles have shown up in 90% of droplet samples.

Since the 17th century, it has been recognized that slightly more boys are born than girls. A 2014 study confirmed that the sex ratio of fetuses is balanced at conception, and the reason(s) for this disproportionate live birth rate is still a bit of a mystery.

Half of Dr. Oz's advise is wrong or baseless new study confirms

When should a feasibility study be conducted?

Clyde Tombaugh was awarded a scholarship to study astronomy at the University of Kansas after his discovery of Pluto was confirmed by other astronomers

Most US banknotes have traces of cocaine on them; this has been confirmed by studies done in several countries. In 1994, Los Angeles determined out of every four banknotes, on average more than three are tainted by cocaine or another illicit drug.

World's Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

King Tut's dagger was made from a meteorite, as a study confirmed

People with positive, optimistic personalities were found to live longer than people with negative, pessimistic personalities, as confirmed by studies from Yale and Mayo Clinic.

How is a pilot study conducted?

Koko, the sign language speaking ape, is just a dumb monkey. Multiple peer reviewed studies confirm it does not understand sign language or have language skills beyond that of a human infant or any average primate.

In 2012, a Harvard study confirms fluoride in water reduces children's IQ.

More than 1/3 of filipinos living in Luzon(as well as other parts of the Philippines) actually do have "partial" hispanic/european ancestry. "Recent studies have confirmed this".

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