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The word "aptronym", used for a personal name aptly or peculiarly suited to its owner, and its opposite, "inaptronym". Examples of inaptronyms are Frank Beard, the only member of ZZ Top to not have a beard, and Donald Black, white supremacist.

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Bob Dylan has been on a tour since 1988. Aptly named, The "Never Ending Tour" has had over 2,700 shows around the world, almost 100 per year for 28 years straight.

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  1. According to physics there may exist the opposite of a black hole which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. It is aptly named: a white hole.

  2. About Potoooooooo (or Pot-8-Os), an 18th century racehorse who was aptly named when one of the stable boys misunderstood his real name, Potatoes

  3. In 1999 Professor Bill Ditto made a simple calculator using the neurons taken out of leeches; word's first biological computer. It was aptly named the "leech-ulator".

  4. A shopkeeper in New Delhi teaches around 200 slum kids under a metro bridge for free. The school has no desks, chairs or blackboard just makeshift arrangements. Aptly named "Free School: Under the Bridge"

  5. In 1996, The state of Michigan had its very own tropical storm that formed in Lake Huron. It was aptly named the Huron Cyclone

  6. A 14 inch glow in the dark shark, aptly named the pocket shark, was found in the gulf of Mexico. Only two have been found, in separate oceans and of different species. Shows how little we have explored our own oceans.

  7. During WWII soldiers would take broken plastic pieces from bomber windows and make clear pistol grips to store/show their sweethearts photos in. They would be aptly named ‘Sweetheart Grips’.

  8. There is a region in Massachusetts called berkshire that has its own currency separate from the US dollar, aptly named berkshires. And it has an exchange rate of 95¢ to 1 USD.

  9. A genetic disorder called Maple Syrup Urine Disease exists, aptly named because one of the symptoms is the production of urine that smells like maple syrup

  10. About the Greek Plan, advanced in the 1780s by Russian Empress Catherine the Great. It would partition the declining Ottoman Empire between Russia and the Habsburgs, then restore the Byzantine Empire. Her grandson (aptly named Constantine) would rule as the 1st Emperor of the restored empire.

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What happened to beowulf at the aptly named ashburnham house?

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Stan Lee made himself the villian in the Japanese manga that he helped create, titled Karakui Doji Ultimo. The character he portrays is aptly named "Dr. Dunstan."

The strong force is aptly named..."a strong force between the quark pair acts constantly—regardless of their distance—with a force of around 10,000 newtons." - source

Chocolate bars used to cost 5c and were used as meal replacements. As a result, in the US a popular choice was aptly named "Nickel Lunch". - source

About the research of Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon into 'gross food habits'. They debunked the 5 second rule, confirmed the dangers in double dipping, established germ-spreading when blowing out birthday candles and proved that beer-pong can cause the aptly named pong flu.

About Rainbow Valley on Mt Everest, aptly named for the roughly 200 mummified bodies of fallen climbers' brightly colored jackets. They remain there because the conditions are too harsh to retrieve them. Climbers are forced to pass this part on their way up and down the mountain. - source

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Since 1985 there has been a US govt assistance program to get a landline or cellphone for low income consumers so a person would able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. And the program is so aptly named lifeline.

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Kucing means cat in Malay, while the Malaysian city of Kuching hosts the largest cat museum in the world, aptly named "Muzium Kucing Kuching".

Theres a basketball court on the fifth level of supreme court building-- above the actual court room-- and is aptly named "The Highest Court In The Land"

When the Swedish Government of 1912 did not want to purchase a new Battleship, the Swedish People started a fundraiser to build one and collected the necessary funds in little less then three months. The resulting vessel was aptly named after the people who had paid for it.

NASA has a semi-autonomous humanoid robot in the ISS, aptly named, Robonaut.

There's a North Korean, government run, global chain restaurant. Aptly named, "Pyongyang." The menu features "Dog Meat Soup" and of course some eerie North Korean performances.

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A certain type of jellyfish, aptly named the "Immortal Jellyfish", can reverse its growth when faced with danger. It can do this an infinite amount of times, therefore becoming immortal.

One of the longest wars in history was the aptly named Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War between the Isles of Scilly and the Netherlands. It lasted from 1651 to 1986, no one died, and many dispute a state of war ever actually existed.

There is a hackathon in Los Angeles aptly named "Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon"

Jesco White, the aptly named “Dancing Outlaw,” raised in West Virginia who had a short documentary filmed by PBS about him. He sniffed lots of glue as a kid, robbed a lot of stores, but he turned into an awesome tap dancer.

There's a company that makes biodegradable plastic with the use of microorganisms, and they are aptly named Bioplastech

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In 1998, there was an expedition to lift a section of the RMS Titanic (aptly named "The Big Piece") out of the water. It was, and sense has been, the largest piece of the taken from the wreckage.

The intangible cultural heritage of Dongyang, China is eggs simmered in the urine of prepubescent peasant boys, aptly named the Virgin Boy Egg. “It tastes a bit like urine, but not too much. It’s delicious, you should try one sometime!”

There's a lake, aptly named "Lost Lake", in Oregon, that drains itself into a 3000 year old lava tube every summer and refills during the winter months.

A 67 year old grandmother fronts the grindcore band aptly named, "Grindmother."

Lyndon B. Johnson(aptly named) bragged about his penis size constantly and even named it "Jumbo"

Dry cleaning has been around since at least 79 BCE in Rome (from an aptly named YouTube channel)

There's an incest that wards off predators by pulling off some killer Kung Fu moves. The insect is aptly named the Kung Fu Mantis.

There's a rare genetic condition that causes one to be joyful, happy, and trusting of everyone! Reddit, meet the aptly named Callie Truelove

There is a frog that sounds like a motorbike changing gears, and it has been aptly named the "Motorbike Frog".

The aptly named Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film was played by Michael Palin's son William. He has appeared in only one film since then

There is a frog that breaks its own bones, pushes them out of its toes to make claws, and also has hair, aptly named the Hairy frog

The photic sneeze reflex, or more aptly named by researchers, Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) syndrome. A reflex that causes people to sneeze when suddenly exposed to bright light, particularly the sun; and affects an estimated 10-35% of the world.

A process scheduler for the Linux kernel called the "Brain Fuck Scheduler." The creator, Con Kolivas, aptly named it so because he asserted that the tunable parameters of BFS were difficult for the average user to understand.

It's spelled "door jamb", not "door jam". All this time I just thought it was "door jam" because that's what you do... you "jam" the door closed in to the aptly named "door jam". Except no, that's not it at all...

Mayhem, a Norwegian Black Metal band, used a picture of their frontman's dead body as a result of his suicide as an album cover. The frontman was aptly and ironically named "Dead".

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