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Joe Kennedy, John F Kennedy's father, sold his entire stock portfolio before the 1929 crash because "a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. And He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips, the market is too popular for its own good."

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When capuchin monkeys were taught to gamble, they made the same irrational decisions a human gambler would make as well, and the data generated by the capuchin monkeys make them statistically indistinguishable from most stock-market investors.

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  1. After a Federal Reserve interest rate decision in 2013, trades were registered in the Chicago stock market within 2 milliseconds of the announcement. These trades were later found to be insider trading, as this information would take 7 milliseconds to reach Chicago at the speed of light.

  2. Orlando, a ginger cat, competed and won against stock-picking professionals at the stock market. The cat picked at random, while the professionals used traditional stock-picking methods. At the end of the year, the cat had £542.60 profit, compared to the professionals' £176.60 profit.

  3. Google became more valuable than Russia's entire stock market back in December 2014

  4. The famous New York City tourist attraction, Wall St.'s Charging Bull, cost $360,000 to build, was placed illegally in the middle of the night in 1989 after a stock market crash, was impounded, only to be returned to the streets due to public outcry

  5. Mike Merrill has modeled his life after the stock market. He's issued 1,000 "shares" of himself and life decisions are made by his shareholders' votes. Some of the life decisions his investors have made for him are his hair color, the car he drives, his love interests, and even his diet.

  6. Richard Dennis turned $400 into $200 million on the stock market. To prove wrong the people who said his fortune was due to luck, he picked up a group of people off the street with no previous experience and taught them how to trade. In 5 years, they made $175 million using his strategies.

  7. The fall of Nokia has decimated Finland's economy: "By 2000, Nokia accounted for a mindboggling 4% of Finnish GDP, 70% of Helsinki's stock exchange market capital, 43% of corporate R&D, 21% of total exports and 14% of corporate tax revenues. It was and still is unprecedented."

  8. JFK's father, Joseph P Kennedy, realised in 1929 that speculation would cause a stock market crash when a shoe-shine boy offered him some trading advice

  9. There was a competition between professional investors, teenagers, and Orlando the Cat to see who could earn the most money in the stock market during 2012. Orlando, with an increase of 10.8%, beat the investors (3.5%) and the teenagers (-3.2%) by throwing his toy mouse to select his stocks.

  10. The stock market got the names "bear and bull" because of caballeros in California. The caballeros put California grizzlies in battle with bulls. They observed bears swiped downward and bulls hooked upward, thus lending the analogy. This also helped lead to the California grizzly's extinction.

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stock market fact data chart about Visualising Every Single Day of the US Stock Market for the
Visualising Every Single Day of the US Stock Market for the Last Decade.

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Stock Market Cycle vs Price of Bitcoin

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On September 29, 2008 -- the day that began the worst stock market crash since the great depression -- the opening bell of the NYSE didn't ring for the first and only time in history.

Joe Kennedy, JFK's father, made a fortune as a stock market and commodity investor before cashing in all his stocks just days before the stock market crash of 1929. Consequentially, he was one of the few people who vastly increased their fortune during the great depression. - source

Joe Kennedy, sold all of his stock just before the 1929 market crash, because he knew something was wrong when a poor shoe shine boy was giving him investment advice. - source

In 2010, a guy placed a $200 million stock exchange order that would pay off if the markets dropped. Automated trading programs overreacted, briefly crashing the markets by 10%. He then bought a bunch of stock cheap, profiting $40 million. He was identified and arrested in 2015.

A former millionaire has lived mostly alone on an island nearly 30 years - since the stock market crash of 1987 - source

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The creator of "Charging Bull" on Wall Street meant for it to be a symbol of optimism after the stock market crashes in 1980. Placing the "Fearless Girl" in front of the bull changed the latter's meaning.

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The Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio appear in the stock market, just like they appear in nature.

Circuit breakers halt trading on the nation's stock markets during dramatic drops and are set at 7%, 13%, and 20% of the closing price for the previous day.

Within 20 minutes on May 6th 2010, the US stock market lost and regained over $1 trillion in value. The Dow swung by over 1,000 points and many stocks declined to one cent per share before rising again. There are many theories but no conclusive reason for the crash.

The FOX media empire is the namesake of William Fox who was born as Vilmos Fried, lost control of the company in 1930, went bankrupt after the stock market crash, went to jail for perjury, and died more or less unnoticed in 1952.

Stephen Hawking, during his "The Beginning of Time" lecture in Japan in 1996, he was asked to not mention the possible re-collapse of the universe, because it might affect the stock market.

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One dollar invested in the US stock market from 1894-2018

stock market fact infographic about Market Volatility: charting all of the 20-year sequences of

Market Volatility: charting all of the 20-year sequences of U.S. stock market returns from 1872 to 2018

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Making money in the stock market activates the same areas of the brain as consuming cocaine.

'Bloody Friday', the 2008 worldwide stock market crash occurred 79 years to the day of 'Black Thursday', the stock market crash that kicked off the Great Depression

As of November 2014, Apple is worth more than the entire Russian Stock Market.

Canada's stock market is electronic. So nobody has to shout on the trading floor, like we often see in movies that show the New York Stock Exchange.

When stock prices are falling it is referred to as a "bear market".

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A 15 year old was fined $225,000 for inflating the stock market

There is a restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI called the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange where the beer prices fluctuate according to supply and demand, like a stock market - complete with "market crashes" where all the beer goes dirt cheap

Sir Isaac Newton lost $3 million in today's money on stock market in 1720.

Sometimes an investor buys stocks and they become worthless because the company fails and closes its doors.

Members of Congress consistently outperform stock market indexes & financial professionals because they're legally allowed to insider trade.

When stock market prices are climbing it is referred to as a "bull market".

After the 1929 stock market crash, the US government deported millions of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans regardless of citizenship

The world's oldest stock market began in Belgium in 1460.

Most "gold" that is traded on the stock market is not backed by actual gold. The London Bullion Market Association, the world's largest gold market, have approximately a hundred times more gold deposits than actual gold bullion to back the deposits up.

When the stock market is overvalued it is considered to be a "bubble", and when the bubble bursts usually people lose a lot of money.

The "Ting Hai" effect. A stock market phenomenon in which there is a sudden and unexplained drop in the stock market whenever a film or a television series starring Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng is released.

People buy stocks because they hope that the company will grow and become worth much more money. As the company becomes worth more, the investment in the stock becomes worth more.

September is usually the poorest performing month in the stock market, often blamed on the vacations that investors take in the summer months that decreases trading.

London, England's stock exchange is called the London Stock Exchange Group.

Some stocks go down in value and investors lose money.

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