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After the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003 the debris field stretched from Texas through Louisiana, and the search team was so thorough they found nearly 84,000 pieces of the shuttle, as well as a number of murder victims and a few meth labs.

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In 2007 China tested a missile and shot down one of their own satellites, accidentally creating 2,087 pieces of space debris on crazy orbits, all of which are now required to be tracked to avoid space collisions

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  1. In 1979, a small town in Australia fined the United States $400 for littering after debris from NASA's Skylab space station landed in the town. The fine was paid in 2009.

  2. Lottie Williams is the only person to have been hit by re-entering space debris. She was walking through a park in Tulsa Oklahoma in Jan 1997 at 3:30 am and felt a tapping on her shoulder. It was a piece of the fuel tank of a Delta II rocket launched in 1996. She was unhurt.

  3. There is so much space debris in earth's atmosphere that in future it may just become dangerous to leave earth and we may get trapped in our own garbage.

  4. Skylab, the first U.S. space station, cost $2.2 billion but was occupied for only 6 months of its 6 years in orbit. It was damaged during launch and eventually fell to Earth on July 11, 1979. The debris fell on western Australia, and the Shire of Esperance fined NASA A$400 for littering.

  5. The US and Russian sections of the International Space Station use different shields to protect against orbital debris, and if the station is under threat, the crew all move to the Russian section because it is considered to be better protected.

  6. Scientists are working on plans to equip the International Space Station with a laser cannon to zap space debris in an effort to clean up the 3,000 tons of discarded satellites and other garbage in orbit

  7. Around half of all the debris in space today comes from just two events: a 2007 anti-satellite test by the Chinese government, and an accidental 2009 collision between two satellites.

  8. The US Air Force maintaines a team that logs and tracks space debris. Over 20,000 items, ball sized or larger, and 500K marble-sized pieces are being tracked. They're traveling at 28,000 KMPH. A single speck of paint could cause extreme damage to spacecraft or kill an astronaut on a space walk.

  9. Taco Bell ran a promotion in 2001 that coordinated with the crash landing of the MIR space station. If the core of the space station debris had hit a target floating in the Pacific ocean, every US citizen would have received a free taco.

  10. On a gated road past the summit of Haleakala Mountain is the Haleakala Observatory. This is where satellites and other debris that orbits the earth are tracked as part of the Maui Space Surveillance System.

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Propagating a Probability Cloud of Space Debris in Orbit

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Meteor showers are usually caused by debris from comets. When Earth moves through those debris trails, we then see more comets.

The human body sinks in avalanche debris quickly. After the avalanche snow slide has begun to slow, a buried victim should clear space to breathe and punch their hand upward, before the snow slide stops as the snow becomes like concrete immediately.

Black holes are not empty and are actually full of debris that it has collected from space.

The United States launched 480 million needles into orbit during the cold war in an attempt to create an artificial ionosphere to counter Soviet sabotage of communications. Some clumps are still in orbit and are a contributor to space debris

There is a spacecraft graveyard in the South Pacific ocean known as "Point Nemo". The furthest point on the map from land, it's home to over 300 space craft and debris, including the MIR space station. - source

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Space debris is slowly locking us up on this planet!

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China shot down one of their satellites in 2007 while testing a missile. The debris must all be tracked now to avoid space collisions - all 2,087 pieces of it.

The European Space Agency is planning an active space debris removal mission called e.Deorbit.

Approximately 1/3 of all tracked space debris orbiting earth comes from the breakup of just 2 satellites.

There is a proposed planetary defense plan to use a high energy laser network as to destroy incoming dangerous space debris such as asteroids, comets, and more.

A meteor shower is usually the result of debris from a broken comet.

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China created over 1 million pieces of space debris larger than one millimeter when it launched a missile at a satellite in 2007. This remains the single largest creation of space debris ever recorded.

Lottie Williams, an Oklahoma resident who is the only person to have been struck by re-entering space debris.

The wreckage from Space Shuttle Challenger is permanently stored in two abandoned missile silo complexes at Cape Canaveral and debris from Space Shuttle Columbia is stored in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy, making it available for research purposes.

Ground-based lasers known as "laser brooms" have been proposed as a means of reducing the amount of space debris around the Earth

About the Control Moment Gyroscope that allows the International Space Station to reorient itself and change it's course/trajectory/altitude with absolutely 0 altitude. It's responsible for moving the ISS out of the way of oncoming debris.

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On day 9 of Space Shuttle Columbia's fatal mission, NASA sent an e-mail to the crew informing them of debris hitting the wing. They are told it "isn't even worth mentioning" and only brought up "so a reporter doesn't catch them off guard." This debris is what caused the loss of Columbia and crew

Black Hole Caught Swallowing a Star that Got too Close - some of the stellar debris falls into the black hole and some of it is ejected into space at high speeds.

The US owns the title of dirtiest country in space for now, and just by a hair. Russia has 3,961 pieces of detectable space debris compared to the 3,999 pieces of trackable space trash in orbit created by American activity.

In 2014, the International Space Station had to move three times to avoid lethal chunks of space debris.

The Kessler syndrome where 2 satellites or space debris collide causing mass chaos.

A woman named Lottie Williams was hit by space debris in 1997 and is thought to be the only one to be hit by falling space junk.

Lottie williams is the only person believed to have been struck by space debris

The US Air Force has to issue "6-10 emergency" space debris collision warnings per day

The term "frass" is used not only to describe the excrement of insects, but the refuse they leave behind as well, such as the debris from their occupation of a space, uneaten food items, and shavings from wood they have excavated.

About the Kessler Syndrome and how it could destroy space debris as well as satellites effectively ending space exploration while dramatically impacting our lives.

In 1961 the US created an artificial ionosphere above Earth to protect satellite communications by using needles, and several million needles still orbit earth as space debris

In 1978, a Soviet space probe malfunctioned and crash-landed in northern Canada, spreading radioactive debris and forcing a C$6 million cleanup (of which the Soviets only paid C$3 million).

Space trash (space debris) is past the tipping point according to NASA and that in the next decade it will be near impossible to leave our orbit, let alone travel to Mars.

There is a growing barrier of high-speed debris orbiting around the earth that will eventually make space travel impossible, and possibly end the era of satellite connections.

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