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The largest cavalry charge in history occurred during the Turkish siege of Vienna. Spearheaded by 3000 winged knights, 20,000 Polish and German cavalrymen charged and routed the Ottoman line and decisively ended the Ottoman threat to christian Europe.

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The largest cavalry charge in history occurred during the 1684 Turkish siege of Vienna. 18,000 Holy league Polish and German knights charged the Ottoman line, completely routeing them. The battle marked the end of Turkish expansion into Europe.

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  1. The largest cavalry charge in history occurred during the 1683 Turkish siege of Vienna. The Polish king led 18,000 German and Polish Cavalry in a charge that broke the Ottomans line and won the battle. The king paraphrased caesar, saying "I came, I saw, God conquered"

  2. Croissants originated as a celebration of Austrian victory over the Ottomans at the siege of Vienna which has led to croissants being banned by some Islamic fundamentalists.

  3. Suleiman the Magnificent boasted before the start of the Siege of Vienna that he would be eating breakfast in the Viennese Cathedral within 2 weeks, the day he had bragged this would happen, the Austrians sent a letter to his camp saying "Your breakfast is getting cold."

  4. The 1683 Battle of Vienna included one of the largest cavalry charges in history, in which 18,000 Polish and Holy League horsemen charged downhill into the Ottoman lines and ended the Siege of Vienna

  5. The largest cavalry charge in history occurred in 1683 during the Turkish siege of Vienna. An force of 18,000 Polish and German Cavalrymen charged the Turkish line and inflicted over 40,000 casualties, completely routing the Turks. The Polish king later said "I came, I saw, God conquered"

  6. The largest cavalry charge in history was twenty-three thousand Polish, Lithuanian, German, and Austrians against the Ottomans to stop the siege of Vienna.

  7. There is theory that al-Qaeda terrorists choose 9/11 date for their attack as symbolic revenge for Ottoman Muslim defeat at Siege and battle of Vienna 9/11 1683

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