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The Ottoman Empire laid siege to the city of Candia for over 21 years. The besieged citizens considered using biological warfare, by attacking them with a liquid made of the spleens of plague victims to spread the disease.

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The Chinese Massacre of 1871 is quite possibly the worst mass lynching in US History. Nearly 1/10 of the entire population of LA at the time laid siege to Chinatown and approximately 15-20 Chinese Americans were lynched.

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  1. The Dutch laid siege to the capital of the Canary Islands in 1599, demanding the city to surrender all its wealth. They received 12 sheep and 3 calves.

  2. In 73 AD, the Roman army of 15,000 troops laid siege to an Israeli fortification of Masada, defended by less than a 1,000. Rather than becoming enslaved, the defenders set everything ablaze and committed mass suicide. After entry, the Romans said it to be "a citadel of death."

  3. When Prussian forces laid siege to the city of Paris, the French war minister escaped the city by flying over the Prussian line in a hot air balloon

  4. In 532CE Constantinople, the members of two chariot racing clubs ('circus factions') become so powerful they brazenly staged a coup and laid siege to the Imperial Palace. History calls it the 'Nika Revolt'.

  5. Niños Héroes Monument, Mexico City honors 6 Mexican teenage military cadets, between ages 13 and 19, who died defending Mexico when the US army laid siege to Chapultepec castle. The monument has a statue of a mother holding a dying son in her arms surrounded by six pillars representing each men

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