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The Ottoman Turks unknowingly used the Rosetta Stone as a building slab for a military fort. The French captured the fort, and became fascinated with the stone, which unlocked the lost secrets of Ancient Egypt.

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In the 1821 Greek War of Independence, the Ottoman Turks ran out of bullets and started to strip the columns of the Parthenon for lead. When the Greeks got wind of this, they gathered up their bullets and sent them to the Turks to use against themselves to protect their ancient heritage.

What ottoman sultan attempted to roll back the tanzimat?

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  1. There was an Ottoman Statesman called the "Turkish Oskar Schindler" by Armenians for saving tens of thousands of lives during the genocide. His funeral was attended by thousands of Armenians and Turks alike.

  2. When the Ottoman Turks invaded Constantinople the last Byzantine Emperor remarked that "The city is fallen and I am still alive." He then tore off his imperial ornaments and lead his men on a final charge where he was killed.

  3. The movie Dracula Untold has the story backwards. The Ottoman Turks were allies with and fought for the Dracula family. Dracula himself was the one who rose up against them in greed.

  4. During the Russo-Turkish war under Catherine II, the admiral Alexei Grigoryevich Orlov, instead of confronting the Turks in the Black Sea, sailed around the European continent from the Baltic to the Mediterranean in order to surprise the Turks. He succeeded, destroying the Ottoman fleet.

  5. The Allies outnumber the Turks at the beginning of the battle. The combined Allied force number just under 500,000 men, while the Ottomans fielded just over 300,000

  6. The Turk head in European heraldry. Most often depicted as being pierced by a sword, it signifies conflict and victory over the Ottoman Empire.

  7. 20 years before the Armenian Genocide; approximately 300,000 Armenians were massacred by the Ottoman Turks.

  8. About the Puckle Gun, created by British lawyer James Puckle to combat the quick boats of Ottoman pirates. There were two versions of the gun, one for Christians, and one for Muslims. The latter fired square bullets, to "convince the Turks of the benefits of Christian civilization."

  9. On May 19, the Ottomans initiated the Third Attack on ANZAC Cove, but were repelled. More than 3,000 Turks died in the battle versus only 168 ANZACs. The two sides called a temporary truce to bury the dead.

  10. Nearly 88% of Ottoman Turkish's lexicon was made up of Arabic and Persian words, was used by the administrative elite, and, as a result, was almost unintelligible to the everyday Turk who spoke "kaba Türkçe", which was used as the basis for modern day Turkish.

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About the "Afro-Turks," descendants of African slaves in the former Ottoman Empire who currently live in Turkey and only speak Turkish.

Emperor Leo IV was a Khazer Turk. He was a Turk ruling Constantinople ~700 years before the Ottomans. - source

The Ottoman Turks were infamous for the Khazouk, a painful method of execution in which a hot metal rod was in-serted through the rectum; the person could live up to 2 days as the executioner would avoid puncturing the heart and bleeding would be minimized due to cauterizing of the wound

Greece's most famous ruin, the Parthenon, survived from Ancient times until the modern age completely intact. It was blown to pieces in 1687 after the Ottoman Turks used the Temple to store explosives. - source

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In parallel to the Armenian Genocide, Ottoman Turks also practiced a Greek Genocide between 1914 and 1920

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101 years ago the Ottoman Turks massacred over 300,000 Assyrians in what is known as the Assyrian Genocide (Sayfo).

The Ottoman Turks sacked a city in Ireland

About a town called Faymonville. They refused to fight against the Ottoman Empire during the crusades. So they were called the 'Turks'. They are still called Turks & have a festival with Turkish flags & clothing.

There existed Order of the Dragon in the 15th century Europe. Formed after military orders from the Crusades, their main purpose was to defend Europe from Ottoman Turks.

When the ottoman sultan died who was eligible to succeed him?

In 1402, an army from the Kingdom of Serbia fought alongside the Ottoman Turks at the city of Ankara (now capital of the Republic of Turkey) against the Timurid Mongol horde.

On 9-11-1683 The Polish King Jan III saved all of Europe from the Turks in the Battle of Vienna, From Which the Ottoman Empire Never Recovered and Was Hailed as "The Saviour of Western European Civilization"

Liever Turks dan Paaps" which mean : "Rather Turkish than Papist" , was , was a Dutch slogan during the Dutch Revolt in 1566 . When William I, sent his ambassadors to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to asked help against Philip II of Spain

Poland prevented Vienna from falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1683.

The Treaty of Ganja established a military alliance of Russia and Iran against the Ottoman Turks in 1735

How many sultans were in the ottoman empire?

Vlad Dracula refused to pay jizya (non-Muslim tax). In response, Ottoman ruler Mehmed II invaded Wallachia with the biggest army since the Constantinople campaign. He discovered over 40,000 impaled Turks before quickly retreating.

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