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An 11 year old girl in Nova Scotia, when told she couldn't swim in her local river, initiated testing of the river for fecal contaminants. After the samples tested above allowable limits, three levels of government committed $15 million to install 600 septic tanks along the river.

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A tour bus driver for the Dave Matthews Band released the bus' septic tank over a grate above the Chicago River. A boat full of people was below at the time, and its passengers were covered with 800 lbs of human waste.

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  1. Planning permission in London was refused for a building. The requester asked to put a tank there instead. Permission was granted for a "septic tank". Man puts a T34 tank there, points the gun at the council offices, and leaves it there for 21 years.

  2. At a former Catholic orphanage, a mass grave with nearly 800 infants and small children stuffed in a septic tank by the attending nuns, was discovered in Ireland. The babies ranged from 35wks to 3yrs old.

  3. In 2009 many buildings in Dubai were not connected to the municipal sewage system. Their solution was to collect waste from thousands of septic tanks and truck it to the city's only treatment plant.

  4. An unidentified murder victim was found in a septic tank in Tofield, Alberta. He crudely became known as “Septic Tank Sam.” His composite of what he may have looked like is extremely creepy. It’s a sad case I would love to see solved. Who is he?

  5. there is a fetish where people enjoy taking bath's in septic tanks.

  6. After a Council refused a man's planning application for housing in central London, he applied to put a tank on the land instead. The council presumed he meant a septic tank and grated permission. A Russian T-34 battle Tank now sits on the land with its gun aimed at the council offices.

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