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During initial showings of a scene in the 1903 film "The Great Train Robbery" where a character fires a gun straight at the camera, it is said audience members ducked and put their fingers in their ears, despite the film being silent; some are even said to have fired back at the screen.

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In the 1960s and 70s, professionally trained psychologists overtly focused on combating unionization, introduced sophisticated behavioural and social science techniques to allow employers to screen out potential union supporters and to facilitate the maintenance of a non-union environment

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  1. Relativity dictates that, like a strange syrup, time flows slower on moving trains than in the stations and faster in the mountains than in the valleys. The time for our wristwatch or digital screen is not exactly the same as the time for our head

  2. North Korea's Arirang Mass Games have a human mosaic "screen" of more than 30000 well-trained school children holding coloured cards (card stunts)

  3. During WWII, a research program tried to train pigeons to guide missiles. Pigeons would follow the image, pecking at it, which would move the screen on its pivots. The program was shutdown, with the lead researcher stating:"Our problem was no one would take us seriously."

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