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Harvard Business School's Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center is the first named for a woman and Asian American. At eight, she journeyed alone back to her birthplace to reclaim the family's hidden gold. Sewing it into her garments and passing undetected by Japanese forces, she returned safely

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A family of five rode their 5-person tandem bicycle from Kentucky to Alaska, a 6,500-mile journey, having left home with only $300. They planned to return home on a 50-year-old bus that has a top speed of 45 mph.

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  1. Other bands in the 1970s that used drum machines included Sly & the Family Stone, Can, Timmy Thomas, Pink Floyd, Journey, and Osamu Kitajima.

  2. A car with a built-in toilet was launched in 2005. It is intended for use by people with medical conditions, as well as families with small children. Chemicals in the toilet break down waste into a "sweet smelling, inoffensive liquid", which can be disposed of at the end of a journey

  3. Neil Peart, of Rush, went through a horrible family tragedy where his daughter died and shortly after his wife as well. he then went on a cross-continent journey, covering 55,000 miles.

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