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The UK has TV Licenses. Every TV in the house has to be licensed every year. 145.50 pounds if it's a color screen, and 49 pounds if it's B&W. You also have to buy one for your PC, phone, and tablet if you plan on using it to watch live broadcasting.

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It is a federal copyright violation to broadcast music or sporting events in a bar without a license unless the facility is at most 3750 sq. ft, has no more 4 TVs, no more than 1 monitor per room, no bigger than 55 inch screens, and at most 6 speakers for audio/music.

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  1. The flashing gray screen you get on old NES consoles is actually caused by an anti-piracy feature. The feature unintentionally gets activated when the pins on the console or cartridge are dirty, resulting in licensed games failing the check.

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