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Metallica's lawyer once sent a cease and desist letter to a Metallica cover band. Metallica later said they had no idea the letter had been sent and offered an apology and told Rolling Stone that they had started out as a cover band, adding "Heck, we even recorded a two-disc album of covers!"

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Max Yasgur who hosted the '69 Woodstock concert, received only $10K, shunned by his neighbors, gave free water and milk to guests and was hailed. He died 4 years later and received a full page obituary in Rolling Stone as a non musician.

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  1. The Rolling Stones were so impressed with the backup singer's voice in "gimme shelter" that you can hear them hooting in the background. They kept it in the studio recording as well.

  2. Allen Klein, Rolling Stones manager and owner of the song "Dead Flowers," which plays at the end of "The Big Lebowski," initially wanted $150,000 for it. He was then convinced to let them use it for free when he saw the scene in which The Dude says, "I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!"

  3. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were drunk in the scene where Leia and Solo arrive at Cloud City in "The Empire Strikes Back" due to partying all night into the morning with the Rolling Stones and Eric Idle.

  4. The Beatles album, 'Revolver' was almost named 'After Geography' (credits to Ringo), to contrast with the Rolling Stones album, 'Aftermath'.

  5. Jazz on bones" or "Ribs" were bootleg vinyl recordings made from old x-rays with holes burned in the middle from cigarettes. In the 50's and 60's they were a black market method for smuggling banned music into the Soviet Union such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Elvis.

  6. During one particular Rolling Stones concert, four people were killed but the overall population of the concert did not change since four babies were born during the concert as well.

  7. Weezer's second album 'Pinkerton' was voted the 3rd worst album of the year by Rolling Stone readers in 1996. Six years later it was voted the 16th best album of all time.

  8. The Big Lebowski secured rights for the song Dead Flowers (closing credits) when rights owner and Rolling Stones manager Allen Klein, who was asking $150,000 heard the line "I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man!'' Klein stood up and said, ‘That’s it, you can have the song!'

  9. At 52, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman married 18-year-old Mandy Smith but divorced after a year. Bill's 30-year-old son then Stephen married Mandy's mother, age 46. If Bill and Mandy had remained married, Stephen would have been his father's father-in-law and his own grandpa.

  10. Jamie Lee Curtis saw a photo of Christopher Guest in Rolling Stone magazine and declared to a friend "Oh, I'm going to marry that guy." She did so five months later. They're still married today, 31 years later.

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Chord distribution in the Rolling Stone top 500 songs

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Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone (Lyrics Repetition Analyzer)

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Carlos Santana revealed to Rolling Stone that he was contacted by the Archangel Metatron and told how to create his next album 'Supernatural.' It went on to win 12 Grammy's including Album of the Year, went 15 times platinum, charted #1 in ten countries, and sold 30 million copies.

In 1967 The Monkees sold more records than The Beatles and Rolling Stones combined. - source

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos, received a full scholarship to the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University at the age of five. She is the youngest person ever to have been admitted. At the age of eleven, she was expelled for what Rolling Stone described as "musical insubordination". - source

The female backing volalist on the Rolling Stone's "Gimme Shelter", Merry Clayton, was pregnant when summoned to the recording studio late at night, and suffered a miscarriage a few hours after strenously singing the famous line "Rape, murder! It's just a shot away! It's just a shot away!"

Allen Klein, Rolling Stones manager and owner of the song "Dead Flowers," which plays at the end of "The Big Lebowski," initially wanted $150,000 for it. He was then convinced to let them use it for free when he saw the scene in which The Dude says, "I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!" - source

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During a Rolling Stones concert, four people were killed but the overall population of the concert did not change since four babies were born at the concert as well.

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The Rolling Stone originally gave Nirvana's Nevermind a 3-star rating in 1991. They now give it 5 stars and rank it as the 17th greatest album of all time.

The band, The Rolling Stones, would never have been formed if Keith Richards and Mick Jagger hadn't accidentally met at a train station in 1961. Richards struck up a conversation with Jagger about the blues records that he was carrying. The connection was instant and the rest is history.

The iconic Rolling Stone cover photograph of a naked John Lennon curling up next to Yoko Ono was taken 5 hours before he was shot and killed.

After Marvin Gaye recorded “What’s Going On”, he played it for Motown’s Berry Gordy Jr. who said it was “the worst thing I heard in my life.” Only after Gaye threatened to leave the label was it released, becoming massive hit and considered 4th greatest song of all time by the Rolling Stone.

Rolling Stones and Time magazine both selected "Marge vs. the Monorail" as the greatest Simpsons episode of all time. The episode's writer: Conan O'Brien

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Comparing Ed Sheeran & The Rolling Stones 2017 tours

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Bowling originated as a religious ceremony. A stone was rolled at the Kegel, which represented the Heide (heathen), and those successfully toppling it were believed to have cleansed themselves of sin.

Comedian Bert Kreischer was such a hellraiser at Florida State University that Rolling Stone did a six page feature on him calling him ''the top partyer at the number one party school in the country" that was the inspiration for the movie, "National Lampoon's Van Wilder".

Sax player (and Keith Richards' best friend) was fired from the Rolling Stones 1973 tour after being found in a bath tub filled with Dom Perignon champagne. Because the cost of the champagne was deducted from his pay and he made no money for the tour.

The founder and the original leader of the Rolling Stones got kicked out of the band and then died less than a month later

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George Lucas was one of the camera operators at the Rolling Stones' Altamont concert where a fan was stabbed to death

Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings died in a fiery car accident that resembled a 'car cyber attack.' Before he died, Hastings said that he was "onto a big story", that he needed to "go off the radar", and that the FBI might interview him.

Robert Kennedy was assassinated during the exact same week that the Rolling Stones were recording 'Sympathy for the Devil.' The original lyrics were "I shouted out 'Who killed Kennedy?'" but Jagger changed it to "I shouted out 'Who killed the Kennedys?'"

Many famous British artists, including Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones, left the UK in the early 70s to avoid an 83% tax on the top bracket of their income.

The Rolling Stones get all royalties for The Verve's hit "Bittersweet Symphony" despite The Verve being granted permission to use a few notes from a symphonic cover of a 1965 Stones song in exchange for 50% royalties. Turns out those notes weren't even written by the Rolling Stones.

A town in Nevada repels a semi-annual cricket invasion by blasting Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. They were inspired by a story from the 1930s where a woman drove off crickets by using a Chinese gong, then tried rock music with her neighbours

The original lyric in the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil was "I shouted out 'Who killed Kennedy?' This had to be changed to "I shouted out 'Who killed the Kennedys?'" after RFK was assassinated while the song was being recorded.

100% of royalties from the Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' go to the Rolling Stones due to the string arrangement being taken from an orchestral version of 'The Last Time', even though it wasn't the Stones' own work.

In 1983, the rolling stones bassist Bill Wyman began dating a 13 year old girl. He was 47.

The Rolling Stones song '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' was initially only played on pirate radio stations in the UK because the lyrics were considered too sexually suggestive.

After 21 years, Trent Reznor is finally going to release the soundtrack from the video game "Quake" as an album on vinyl. No solid release date is yet given but release is expected "this year" according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Upon initial release in 1966, a comma was mysteriously added to the Rolling Stones song by the record company, making the official title "Paint It, Black"

When a then-unknown Prince opened up for the Rolling Stones on the first of two nights in LA in 1981, the crowd threw beer cans at him and booed him off the stage within the first 20 minutes of his set. He came on the stage wearing nothing but bikini briefs and a trench coat.

The Rolling Stone review for Abbey Road said, "Surely they must have enough talent and intelligence to do better than this," calling songs on it "so heavily overproduced that they are hard to listen to." It was later listed #14 on Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums list.

During Rolling Stones concerts, Keith Richards would help build elebarate speaker systems on stage, so he would have a secret place to snort pharmaceutical cocaine..."one bump, one song"

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