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Blink 182's manager told them they needed a radio song on 2001's album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Mark Hoppus vowed to make the cheesiest "throwaway fucking single" he could, and wrote "The Rock Show" in 10 minutes.

Tom DeLonge, lead singer of Blink 182, opened a company with former top level CIA, Lockheed, and DoD engineers. They want to gradually release protected information on the UFO phenomenon.

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  1. Blink 182 released "All the Small Things" because they knew they needed a "really catchy and basic" radio single.

  2. Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge left the band to form a group to search for aliens and explore the outer edges of science. And has since recruited scientists and ex government officials including the official who ran the US's secret government program to find UFOs.

  3. Former guitarist for Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, quit the band to devote more time to his life-long passion; UFOs.

  4. Tom Delonge of Blink 182 owns a company that produced a UFO miniseries for the History Channel.

  5. Tom Delonge of Blink 182 is now a professional UFO researcher and children's book author

  6. Before directing the film Saving Christmas, a Worst Picture winner and 0% on RT, Darren Doane directed music videos for Blink 182, AFI, Deftones, Cephalic Carnage, and other hardcore and death metal bands

  7. The beach Blink 182 used in their 2000 hit "All the small things" to make fun of pop stars was used by One Direction in 2011's "What makes you beautiful"

  8. Blink 182... Why 182? According to the band, its is how many times Al Pacino says “FUCK” in the movie Scarface. Of course.

  9. Terry Crews, currently on Brooklyn 99, played a police officer in a Blink 182 video from 2004

  10. Terry Crews was in a Blink 182 music video

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The famous "WTF" Gif is from the Blink 182 song, "First Date"

Terry Crews was in a Blink 182 video back in the day as a cop - source

The song "My Own Worst Enemy" is not by Blink 182 - source

Blink 182's drummer, Travis Barker, was involved in the 2008 Learjet crash where only he and one other passenger survived. This would lead to the eventual reformation of the band, appearing for the first time together again at the February 2009 Grammy Awards.

The director and costar of Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" (recently rated worst movie of all time)is mostly known for directing music videos by bands such as Blink 182, AFI, Every Time I die, Saves the Day and Jimmy Eat World. - source

Blink 182's 'Adam's Song' references Nirvana's 'Come As You Are'.

Tom DeLonge, Formerly of Blink 182, has now opened To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

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