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In 1947, the Superman radio show did a series called "Clan of the Fiery Cross" in which they exposed many of the KKK's most guarded secrets. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.

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In 1924 the KKK planned to hold a major rally in South Bend to send a message to Notre Dame students. "Instead, the only message delivered that morning came from Notre Dame’s students, who pummeled the Klansmen as they disembarked from their train."

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  1. Muhammad Ali once spoke at a KKK rally where he stated that Nation Of Islam, and he himself, also shared their ideals on racial segregation

  2. North Carolina's Lumbee Indians learned that the KKK were holding a rally against them nearby. The Native Lumbees attacked at night, outnumbering the Klansman 5:1, and drove them off.

  3. In 1996, a black teenager, while marching to protest a KKK rally in Michigan, protected a white man, who had an "SS" tattoo and and a confederate flag shirt, from the attacks of a crowd. She threw herself on him to deflect the mob's strikes, due to her belief that "nobody deserves to be hurt."

  4. About the Battle of Hayes Pond, an armed confrontation between Lumbee Native Americans and the KKK in which the Lumbee were successful in disrupting the klan rally and ending significant KKK activity in the southern region of North Carolina.

  5. About the "Battle of Hayes Pond", where in 1958, fed up with recent cross burnings on their grounds, over 500 armed members of the Lumbee Tribe surrounded a KKK rally and exchanged fire with them, destroying the only light source and forcing the Klan members to flee the area.

  6. In the 1960's, Solomon Burke was once booked to sing at a KKK rally. It was only when he showed up that the organizer noticed that he was black.

  7. Keisha Thomas, an African American woman protesting a KKK rally in Ann Arbor, physically saved a Neo-Nazi from being beaten by the protestors.

  8. Muhammad Ali believed that whites and blacks should be separated, supported George Wallace and once spoke at a KKK rally.

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Is that the inventor of sea monkeys, despite being born Jewish, was a known anti-semite who bought weapons for a KKK faction and attended Aryan Nation rallies.

TIL Muhammad Ali once spoke at a KKK rally where he stated that Nation Of Islam, and he himself, also shared their ideals on racial segregation and how “eagles should be with eagles” - source

Daryl Davis, a black man, attended KKK rallies, befriended Roger Kelly, the Grand Dragon of the KKK in Maryland at the time, and convinced many KKK members to give up their robes. - source

A KKK member makes the acquaintance of a bluesman over drinks and introduces him to his KKK contacts whom the bluesman eventually befriends. Over the years he attends numerous KKK rallies as the KKK attend his concerts; it's estimated he passively influenced ~200 to relinquish their affiliation.

About how Notre Dame students once stormed a KKK parade in Indiana, ripping robes and hoods off the Klansmen and driving them out of the area, ruining the rally. - source

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