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The whiptail lizard is an all female species, the males have gone completely extinct. They're not hermaphroditic, the females actually lay, and hatch from unfertilized eggs

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Male ants do not have fathers because unfertilized eggs become males while fertilized eggs become females

What happens to unfertilized eggs?

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  1. The state reptile of New Mexico is an all-female species of lizard. Individuals are either the result of two other species interbreeding, or through parthenogenesis (embryos developing from unfertilized eggs).

  2. The bug known as the walking stick doesn't need to mate, unfertilized eggs will turn into exact copies/clones of the mother.

  3. Male ants, which come from unfertilized eggs, typically serve one purpose: to mate with a queen. Males are usually in short supply, and a queen produces male eggs only when it's time to make more colonies. Then a queen produces eggs that give rise to both males and queens (reproductive females)

  4. Females are able to produce offspring without assistance of males (parthenogenetically). All walking sticks developed from unfertilized eggs are born as females. They represent genetic copy of their mother.

  5. At the end of her life, queen lays mass of fertilized eggs that transform into new generation of queens and mass of unfertilized eggs that transform into drones (donors of sperm).

  6. Queens bees can control the sex of their offspring. They store the sperm of males and then they choose whether to inseminated the egg to become females or have it remain unfertilized to become males.

  7. Drones are born from unfertilized eggs. There is couple of hundreds male drones in the hive. Main function of drones is to mate with the queen.

  8. Hens do not need a rooster to lay an egg. These are commonly known as unfertilized eggs. Regardless whether there is a rooster involved, hen lays egg almost daily on their own simply according to light patterns.

  9. Hens lay unfertilized eggs daily. Before they are packaged and sent to the market, they shine a bright light through the shell (called candling)—which highlights any irregularities, such as a developing chick.

  10. Females give birth once every 2 to 4 years. Unlike in other species of shark, only right ovary produces eggs. Gestation period lasts 2 to 3 years, much longer than in other species of sharks. Baby sharks eat unfertilized eggs while they are in the mother's body. Pregnancy ends with 6 babies. Newly born sharks start their life in warm, shallow waters.

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What happens to unfertilized chicken eggs?

Why do hens lay unfertilized eggs?

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There is a Laying Worker Bee. It is a worker bee that lays unfertilized eggs usually in the absence of a queen bee. But, only drones develop from the eggs of laying worker bees. A beehive cannot survive with only a laying worker bee.

Hens (female chickens) don't need to have sex to lay eggs. These are the eggs you buy at the supermarket. There's no male involved. The eggs are unfertilized and will never hatch - never become chicks. - source

An unfertilized egg yolk is a single cell. - source

Unfertilized cat eggs injected with jellyfish and rhesus monkey genes results in glow-in-the-dark kittens with feline AIDS.

A Homunculus, in which human sperm is injected into an unfertilized chicken egg in order to create a tiny humanoid creature. - source

What happens to unfertilized eggs when pregnant?

Male honeybees (usually) come from unfertilized eggs, either if the queen decides not to fertilize an egg, or an unfertilized worker lays one

How do chickens lay unfertilized eggs?

about glow-in-the-dark kitties. Scientists insert the GFP(green fluorescent protein from jellyfish) gene along with another gene that blocks feline AIDS, into the cat's unfertilized eggs. When the eggs are fertilized, glowing cats are produced, which means that they also have the anti-AIDS gene.

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