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When drivers began using radar detectors, police forces began purchasing radar detector detectors, which led to radar detector manufacturers adding radar detector detector detector circuits to their devices

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Some radar detectors use radar detector detector detectors to detect radar detector detectors to prevent detection

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  1. In 2003 a man in Belgium stole diamonds worth 100M Dollars after getting past a lock with 100M possible combinations, infrared heat detectors, a seismic sensor, Doppler radar, a magnetic field and security force. He was caught because he left a partially eaten sandwich near the crime scene

  2. The US military once tried to build a radar detector-detector-detector detector in order to detect radar detector-detector-detectors, whose main purpose is to detect a radar detector detector, which were built to alert police to someone using an illegal radar detector

  3. In the early 80's, F14 Tomcat pilots flying reconnaissance missions over the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon used commercial "fuzz-buster" radar detectors, mounted in pairs on the pilots glare shield, to warn them of Surface-To-Air missile radars that the aircraft's built-in gear couldnt detect.

  4. American Vietnam fighter pilots, flying the F-4 Phantom, had no way of detecting missile lock in the aircraft. To solve this they hardwired California spec police radar detectors to their aircraft for missile detection.

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