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Peter Capaldi was the lead singer in a punk rock band called Dreamboys, whose drummer was future comedian Craig Ferguson.

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The distorted power chord sound of "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks was achieved when guitarist Dave Davies slashed the speaker on his amp with a razor blade. This sound went on to influence heavy metal and punk rock.

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  1. In 1980, Punk Rock band Dead Kennedys was invited to play at an awards show to give the event "new wave credibility". Seconds into their set, they stopped to perform 'Pull My Strings', a song written specifically to take the piss out of the music execs in the room. They never played it again.

  2. "Nintendocore", a musical genre that combines elements of video game theme music and sound effects to modern punk rock or metal.

  3. The punk band Death. Originally a funk group, the three African American brothers moved to rock when they heard The Who. Their album “for the whole world to see” recorded in 1974, predates punk music that became popular later that decade, making them one of the first punk bands in the world.

  4. The members of Daft Punk were originally members of a rock group called Darlin'. An early negative review of their work in Melody Maker dismissed the music as "a bunch of daft punky thrash." Which is what inspired their name.

  5. The 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) sang lead and played guitar in the 80s punk rock band Dreamboys. Their drummer was Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson.

  6. There are many styles of folk music that incorporate the fiddle including down east, Acadian, Metis, Newfoundland, Tierra Caliente, Appalachian, blues, bluegrass, cajun, country, country rock, creole, old time, pop, Irish Celtic, Irish punk, English, Scottish, folk-rock, jazz and rock.

  7. Jello Biafra, best known as the lead singer of the punk rock band Dead Kennedy’s, ran for the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2000. Some of his ideas included lowering the voting age to 5 and abolishing the military.

  8. Cuban punk rock dissidents in the '80s intentionally injected themselves with HIV positive blood in political protest, then established alternative communities in rural sanitariums.

  9. While commonly used in traditional music, the bagpipes have also been used in less traditional music genres such as metal, hip hop, punks, classical, and rock.

  10. The Goo Goo Dolls originally formed as a punk rock band in 1985. It wasn't until the mid 90's, they became a success utilizing the pop sound most people recognize them by.

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The all of the Koopalings (except Larry) from Super Mario 3 were named after people, including musicians Lemmy from Motorhead, and punk rock legends Wendy O. Williams and Iggy Pop

Hard Rock Cafe licensed their name to a Myrtle Beach theme park, Hard Rock Park which featured attractions such as the Magic Mushroom Garden, a bounce house called "the Punk Pit" and Nights in White Satin--the trip. It closed in less than a year. - source

The punk rock band Black Flag released a free jazz EP that used twelve-tone composition, meaning it uses all twelve notes in the chromatic scale equally. - source

Punk Rock band Alien Ant Farm once crashed the Black Entertainment TV Awards for their music video

The pop rock band "Goo Goo Dolls" started out as a hardcore underground punk band called "The Sex Maggots" - source

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The unique Asian/African folk sound heard in M.I.A.'s Paper Planes directly uses the melody of a 1982 post-punk song from an English rock band, The Clash's "Straight to Hell"

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Greg Graffin, lead singer of punk rock band Band Religion, obtained his PhD at Cornell University and has lectured courses in life sciences and paleontology at the University of California, Los Angeles and evolution at Cornell University.

Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in a punk rock band together. Ferguson credits Capaldi with inspiring him to follow comedy.

Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, radio stations in New Zealand will be banned from playing punk rock songs or songs by Queen

Dexter Holland, lead singer for the punk-rock band The Offspring, is a Molecular Biology grad student and has published a paper in a scientific journal about MicroRNA in HIV genomes

John Belushi is partially responsible for the performance of punk rock band FEAR on Saturday Night Live. He is also partially responsible for punk rock being banned from Saturday Night Live.

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Los Saicos, The Peruvian Band Are Credited With Inventing Punk Rock

John Belushi, in the final months of his life, was increasingly focused on punk rock and even recorded a song with the L.A.-based punk band Fear

The guitarist in Phoenix and the duo behind Daft Punk played in a Beach Boys-inspired rock band

The name of the DJ group "Daft Punk" originated from a negative review their Rock and Roll band got from a critic who thought their music was "a daft punky thrash."

1994 Punk-Rock Band "Bowling for Soup" have been releasing fanfunded albums, with the most recent being released in 2014.

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Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" is basically a resample of "Release the Beast" by Breakwater

Punk rock icon Henry Rollins portrayed Vanilla Ice in 3rd Bass's music video of "Pop Goes the Weasel."

Icelands Deputy Speaker of Parliament is a singer in a punk rock band

Punk Rock band Alien Ant Farm crashed the BET Awards in the shooting of their music video.

GG Allin (a punk rock legend) would regularly eat his own feces during live performances

Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor) was the lead vocalist/guitar for an 80s punk rock band that also featured Craig Ferguson on Drums!

Steve from Blues Clues is in a punk rock band

Disco band, The Village People, tried their hand at punk rock on their 1981 album Renaissance

Roger Ebert wrote the script for a movie starring the Sex Pistols that was supposed to be a punk rock version of Hard Day's Night.

In 1975 a band named "Death" was perhaps the first band to carry the punk rock scene however, the album was never released until 2009.

Smash Mouth, the same band who wrote the song "All Star" also wrote a hardcore punk rock song about guys who overcompensate for their small dicks called "Sorry About Your Penis"

The first band to be described as "punk rock" was Question Mark and the Mysterians.

Deez Nuts is a Australian hardcore punk rock band

Famed electronic music duo Daft Punk were once a rock band.

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