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The Simpsons released an album in 1990 and the lead single "Do the Bartman" was a worldwide hit. It was co-produced by Michael Jackson, who also provided background vocals and was a huge fan of the show. Following his death FOX played the video before an episode as a tribute to Michael.

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In 2008, a German metal band named Stalaggh abducted mental patients and used them to provide vocals for their album. One patient, who stabbed his mother 30 times, attempted to kill one of the musicians while recording. It was caught on audio and kept on the final album.

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  1. American Eskimo dog should be provided with plenty of toys because it likes to chew things. It requires lots of attention and likes to participate in everyday activities of its family. American Eskimo dog is very vocal and it often barks, yowls and produce mumbling sounds.

  2. Famous movie star Scarlet Johansson recorded an album of Tom Waits' songs and David Bowie provided backing vocals on a few tracks.

  3. Rashida Jones provided backing vocals on Maroon 5's hit album, Songs About Jane.

  4. After Capitol Records refused licensing of the song, "Money", for inclusion on Pink Floyd's 1981 compilation album, A Collection of Great Dance Songs, David Gilmour re-recorded the track, providing all the guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals himself.

  5. 80s hit single Tarzan Boy by Baltimora, which spent six months on the Billboard Hot 100, often considered a one-hit wonder, was not sung by Jimmy McShane, who appears in the music video and lipsyncs in live performances, even though he provided backup vocals and wrote other songs for the band

  6. The lead vocals of "Hey Brother" by Avicii were sung by the same guy (Dan Tyminski) who provided the lead vocals of The Soggy Bottom Boys (George Clooney's part) in "O Brother Where Art Thou". How could I have missed that??

  7. Elton John played the piano interlude and provided background vocals for Kanye West's song "All Of The Lights"

  8. Dan Tyminski, the guy who sang "man of constant sorrow" on O Brother, Where Art Thou, also provided the vocals for "hey brother" by Avicii

  9. Before Nirvana covered "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Kurt Cobain provided backing vocals and Krist Novoselic provided bass for Mark Lanegan's rendition of the song on the album The Winding Trees.

  10. The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist took its name from a 1980s Canadian comedy sketch that provided its core vocal samples.

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The formation of indie pop group The Postal Service was preceded by (and possibly derived from) band frontman Ben Gibbard providing guest vocals for future bandmate Jimmy Tamborello's main project, Dntel.

Corey Taylor of Slipknot is a huge fan of Doctor Who and has recently provided vocals for an episode - source

In 2008, a German metal band named Stalaggh abducted mental patients to provide vocals in their album. One patient who was locked away for stabbing his own mother 30 times attempted to kill one of the musicians during the recording of the album. It was recorded and made it onto the album. - source

Lucille "2" Austero from Arrested Development played by Liza Minnelli appeared on 2006 album My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade, providing backing vocals and singing a solo part with Gerard Way on the track "Mama."

Joseph Williams, current singer for Toto, is composer John Williams' son, but he also provided vocals for adult Simba in The Lion King - source

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Clarence Nash who was the original voice of Donald Duck also provided the vocalizations of Tom from Tom and Jerry.

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Lenny Kravitz wrote and provided the background vocals (without any alteration to his voice) for Madonna's 'Justify My Love'

"Even before she kissed a girl and liked it; even before her stint on the Vans Warped Tour, Katy Perry provided backing vocals for P.O.D.'s 2006 single 'Goodbye For Now.'"

Akon provided the male vocal song for an Indian item song "Chammak Challo"

The same actress/singer who provided the vocals for The Lion King's "Circle of Life" voiced two characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Johnny Depp and Mandy Moore featured on Ryan Adam's self-titled album released in 2014. Depp was a guest guitarist on the songs 'Kim' and 'Feels Like Fire' whilst Moore provided vocals for the songs 'Trouble' and 'Am I Safe'.

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