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The Code of Hammurabi, while notorious for its eye for an eye punishments and the removal of body parts of the guilty party, was also one of the earliest pieces of written law to have it a requirement for an innocent person to be assumed innocent until proven guilty

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A family falsely accused of abusing their son. Following british law, all their kids were forcibly put up for adoption. They are not allowed to see them, even after being proven innocent. When she got pregnant again, they had to move to Ireland so their child would not be taken away at birth.

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  1. A 16 year old boy faced 90 years in prison after being accused of possession of child pornography. It was later proven he was innocent on those charges, but he pleaded guilty to distributing porn to minors. He had showed a playboy magazine to his friends at lunch. He is now a sex offender.

  2. Since 1989 in the United States alone there have been 2,420 innocent people exonerated from prison after being proven not guilty. Those 2,420 innocent people spent a combined total of 21,292 years in prison

  3. In 1911 the Mona Lisa disappeared from the Louvre in Paris. Among the suspects of the theft was Pablo Picasso. He was questioned and jailed but later proven innocent.

  4. A Santae Tribble was convicted of murder based on a single hair that experts said was his, only to be proven innocent when the hair was actually proven to be from a dog.

  5. It is not dishonest to enter a "not guilty" plea even if guilty because in the eyes of the law you are innocent until proven guilty.

  6. Budd Dwyer, PA State Treasurer who committed televised suicide the day before he was to be removed from office for a bribery conviction, so his wife and disabled child could receive full death benefits after being bankrupted by legal fees. He was later proven innocent.

  7. Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes freedom from torture; the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven; the right to food, shelter, and medical care; and prohibits its ratifying members from breaching any of these rights.

  8. The Reid Technique is the authoritative method of interrogation, taught to investigators across the nation. It was first used in 1955 to get Darrel Parker to confess to his wife's murder. Parker has since been proven innocent and exonerated.

  9. Presumption of Innocence aka Innocent until proven Guilty only applies in a civil or ciminal court proceeding, not during an investgation.....

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No one has been officially proven innocent after being executed in the United States since it was reinstated in 1976.

57 people in the U.S. have been sentenced to death to later be proven innocent since 1976. - source

It is common practice for police in the USA to take anything from law abiding citizens for no real reason and with no crime committed. The *objects* that are taken are charged and are guilty until proven innocent. This is byond absurd! John Oliver vid 16 mins. - source

In 1980 Ruggero Deodato released a movie at the time that had such realistic cgi, he was charged with murder and to prove his innocence, he got in touch with the actors that appeared in the movie and they subsequently appeared for an interview on a TV show and eventually he was proven innocent.

Drivers who get photo tickets in D.C. are guilty until proven innocent because city code establishes the photo itself to be prima facia evidence of the crime. - source

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King Louis IX aka 'Saint Louis' made gambling, loans, & prostitution illegal. He also introduced innocent until proven guilty, banned trials by ordeal, created the military police & bailiffs.

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Europe's approach to approving chemicals in foods and make-up is "guilty until proven innocent," whereas in the U.S. it is "innocent until proven guilty," resulting in the consumption of thousands of potentially harmful chemicals.

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