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Pope Stephen VI once dug up the body of a previous pope, put it on trial for bribery and rule-breaking and mocked him for being silent in front of the entire vatican. The defendant lost the case.

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Pope Stephen VI put the corpse of his predecessor, Pope Formosus on trial for illegally serving as a Bishop, seven months after his death. Finding the corpse guilty, they cut off three of his fingers, stripped his body of its Papal Vestments, and threw his corpse into the Tiber River. (Year 897)

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  1. Stephen Hawking has won many awards including the Pius XI Gold Medal for Science by Pope Paul VI, the Albert Einstein Award, and the Royal Society's Hughes Medal.

  2. Pope Stephen VI exhumed the body of a previous Pope and put him on trial, finding him retroactively unworthy of papacy. This caused such an uproar that Stephen VI was later imprisoned and executed.

  3. Pope Stephen VI ordered the remains of his predecessor - Pope Formosus - to be dug up and put on trial. At the infamous "Cadaver Synod" of 897, Pope Stephen VI cross-examined the corpse, declared it guilty, and had it mutilated and thrown in the Tiber River as punishment.

  4. Pope Stephen VI had the body of a deceased former pope dug up, clothed, and propped up on a throne so he could put the body on trial for perjury and other crimes.

  5. Pope Stephen VI put the rotting corpse of Pope Formosus on trial in January of 897

  6. Pope Theodore II had to prohibit putting posthumous trials after Pope Stephen VI exhumed the body of Pope Formosus and publicly put it on trial.

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