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Pope Stephen VI once dug up the body of a previous pope, put it on trial for bribery and rule-breaking and mocked him for being silent in front of the entire vatican. The defendant lost the case.

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The surviving family of MLK all believe that James Earl Ray was framed for King's assassination, and a lawyer won a mock trial defending Ray in 1993 to prove it.

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  1. During one of the Shakespeare Theatre Company's annual mock trials, which features Supreme Court justices and other high profile lawyers, Henry V's war against France was questioned. Arguing in favour of the war’s legitimacy, one lawyer opined: “War against France is inherently lawful."

  2. In 897 the Vatican had the corpse of Pope Formusus exhumed, propped up on a throne, and subjected to a mock trial in which his papacy was found to be invalid for perjury

  3. Impotence trials of pre-revolutionary France were a source of public entertainment w wagers placed, brawls common & ballads composed to mock or incite the accused. Ex-husbands often went into exile, likely only guilty of performance anxiety.

  4. Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi and defense lawyer Gerry Spence staged a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald with real jurors, real witnesses and a real federal judge. The jury found Oswald guilty.

  5. A mock trial was held for Henry V in March 2010 based on the killing of French prisoners at Agincourt, and two Supreme Court justices attended the event. The audience vote was too close to call, but the judges ruled he was guilty on the basis of "evolving standards of civil society."

  6. A mock trial was held in the 90s with a supreme court justice who tried Hamlet Prince of Denmark under US laws.

  7. Charles Guiteau, the assassin of President Garfield, mocked his own defense team during his trial, delivered his defense in the form of epic poems, and asked for legal advice from spectators by passing notes.

  8. About Witold Pilecki, a polish spie and resistance heroe who willingly infiltrated Auschwitz for 2 years organized a resistance network there and escaped to provide the first report on Holocaust. he was arrested by Stalin's Secret Police, tortured and executed after a mock trial in 47.

  9. In 2014 the London School of Economics had their law school have a mock trial charging the Baby Boomers with ruining the world for future generations. The retired judge who presided over the court and the audience jury found the Baby Boomers not guilty.

  10. In 1934, the American Jewish Congress held a mock trial against Hitler in Madison Square Garden.

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