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When Canadian Prime Minster Lester B. Pearson Came To Philadelphia To Speak Against The Vietnam War, Before He Could Finish His Speech President Lyndon B. Johnson summoned him to Camp David, Maryland where he grabbed him and said "Don't you come into my living room and piss on my rug."

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The flags of Australia and New Zealand are so similar that the Prime Minster of Australia was greeted with the flag of New Zealand on a state visit to Canada in 1984.

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  1. Canadian Prime Minster John Turner was born in England and immigrated to Canada at age 4. In 1947 he became the fastest man in Canada, setting the Canadian record for the 100-yard dash (9.8 seconds). He also qualified for the 1948 Olympic Games – but was unable to attend due to an accident

  2. King Simeon II of Bulgaria and King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia are the only two monarchs to have also been elected separately to lead their countries as Prime Minster.

  3. In 1957, Moshe Dwek, a Jewish Israeli, threw a grenade into the Israeli parliament building, which wounded the then prime minster and several members of his cabinet. In 1987, Dwek started his own party and ran for a seat in the Parliament.

  4. Former President and current Prime Minster of Russia claims he can't say how many aliens are among us as "the panic will begin"

  5. How to Save the Tax of Peoples and Save them Money from Corrupt Peoples by The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan - Ik Traveling in the Cheapest Car and set an Example for all his Minsters

  6. Zhou Enlai, the prime minster during the cultural revolution, send the regular army to defend the Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace from the Red Guard who intended on destroying both. Thanks to Zhou Enlai I saw them both yesterday.

  7. In Australia the District Court ruled it was perfectly legal to call the Prime Minster a "can't".

  8. In Australia there is precedent for legally calling the Prime Minster a cunt.

  9. The wife of Anthony Eden, British Prime Minster from 1955-57 is still living

  10. President George H.W Bush once threw up on the Prime Minster of Japan during a state visit to Japan

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Which prime minister never served as foreign secretary?

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