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In 1895, UK prime minister William Gladstone founded a public library. Aged 85, he wheelbarrowed his personal collection of 32,000 books the ¾ mile between his home and the library. His desire, his daughter said, was to "bring together books who had no readers with readers who had no books"

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When asked for his thoughts on the migration of New Zealanders to Australia, the Prime Minister of New Zealand stated that the "annual exodus of Kiwis to Australia raised the average IQ of both countries".

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  1. Bob Hawke is the only Australian prime minister with a world record and his world record is for drinking 2.5 pints of beer in under 11 seconds.

  2. The Queen of England can fire the entire Australian government. In 1975 her representative in Australia fired the prime minister of Australia and the rest of parliament in response to a government shutdown. There hasn’t been another shutdown since.

  3. In 1975, Australia had a government shutdown over their budget. The Prime Minister and all of Parliament was fired, forcing them to restart from scratch. They haven't had a shutdown since.

  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt once accidentally ran into a naked Winston Churchill. When Roosevelt apologised Churchill said "The Prime Minister of Great Britain has nothing to hide from the President of the United States."

  5. Charlie Chaplin had almost been assassinated by the assassins of Japanese Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi, hoping to instigate a war with the USA. Chaplin, however, escaped this fate as he had gone with the prime minister's son to a sumo wrestling match.

  6. When you turn 100 in Japan, the Prime Minister sends you a silver cup to celebrate. So many people are turning 100 that they had to find a way to make cheaper cups.

  7. Queen Elizabeth II is immune from prosecution, can drive without a license, and can fire the Prime Minister of Australia or Canada as she pleases

  8. After the Italian Prime Minister complained about Finnish cuisine, the Finns entered an international pizza competition, named their entry (with marinated reindeer meat) after the PM, and came in first place.

  9. Australian prime minister Harold Holt loved swimming and diving so much that when his press secretary expressed concern about this he said, "Look, what are the odds that a PM would drown or be eaten by a shark?". In 1967, Holt went for a swim in the ocean and was never seen again.

  10. in Japanese, there is a phrase bushu-suru (ブッシュする). In literal terms, this means "to do the bush thing," in reference to a bizarre 1992 incident where George HW Bush fell ill and vomited directly onto the Japanese prime minister.

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British Prime Ministers and their terms as PM within their lifespan

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Estimating the date an alleged bribery was agreed upon between Israel's prime minister and a top news publisher

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In 1984, the New Zealand Prime Minister got drunk and decided to spontaneously call a general election, which he lost.

Simeon II, Tsar of Bulgaria during WW2, went on to be elected republican Prime Minister from 2001-2005. He is the only living person to be called Tsar. - source

In 1672 an angry Dutch mob ate their own Prime Minister

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In June of 1985 a drunk student hijacked a Boeing in Norway demanding to talk to the prime minister. He later surrendered in exchange of more beer.

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The Queen of England can veto any law she doesn't like and has real powers to dissolve Parliament, choose a new Prime Minister and even declare war.

In 2005 the Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi, insulted Finnish cuisine and joked that Finns ate “marinated reindeer”. In 2008, Finland won an international pizza contest, beating Italy. The name of the winning pizza was “Pizza Berlusconi” which was made of smoked reindeer.

The former Prime Minister of Vietnam moved to Orange County after the war, where he opened and ran a liquor store

When US imposed sanctions against Russia’s space program the Russian Deputy Prime Minister tweeted "After reviewing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest that the United States deliver their astronauts to the ISS using a trampoline"

Margaret Thatcher was reportedly more proud of becoming the first Prime Minister with a science degree than the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Lifespans of the Prime Ministers of Canada

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2019 UK Conservative Prime Minister Succession Race - 1st Ballot vs Zipf's Law

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Margaret Thatcher was more proud of being the first UK Prime Minister with a science degree than she was of being the first female Prime Minister.

In 1961 Belgians, with CIA involvement, ordered the murder of a democratically elected Prime Minister of Congo who just wanted for the Congolese to regain the natural resources still being under foreign control since the colonial times

Germany during WW2 dropped on Britain propaganda leaflets showing Churchill carrying a machine gun, calling him a "gangster" who encouraged murder. The leaflets stopped when the Nazis realized that they made the prime minister more popular in the UK.

On veteran BBC reporter John Simpson's first day on the job, he was punched in the stomach by Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

After British ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, a campaign was started to bring "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" from "The Wizard of Oz"to the top of the music charts. It sold over 50,000 copies and entered at Number Two.

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A American dentist secretly drilled "Remember Pearl Harbor" in morse code, into the dentures of captured Japanese prime minister Hideki Tojo.

Lee Kuan Yew, the late prime-minister of Singapore was the only person in the world to bring a third-world country to the status of a ultra modern country in a single generation.

Margaret Thatcher said in 1970 "There will not be a woman prime minister in my lifetime - the male population is too prejudiced." She became prime minister of the UK in 1979.

Xenophon Zolotas, a former Greek Prime Minister who would give speeches in English only using words of Greek origin.

Two British students tried to kidnap Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home in 1964; when he answered the door, he convinced them not to kidnap him by saying "I suppose you realize if you do, the Conservatives will win the election by 200 or 300"

The author of 101 Dalmatians wrote an official sequel where Cadpig is the prime minister, dogs gain the ability to fly and an alien dog tries to start the apocalypse.

With 4 kings, 31 presidents, 6 princes, 22 prime ministers, and 47 ministers of foreign affairs as attendees, the state funeral of Yugoslav president Tito is regarded as the largest in history.

In 1985 a drunk student hijacked a Boeing in Trondheim, Norway demanding to talk to the prime minister. He later surrendered in exchange of more beer.

Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria was 9 when Bulgaria deposed of the monarchy in 1946. In 2001, after years in exile, he was elected Prime Minister, becoming the only European monarch to be democratically elected head of state.

In 1992 George H W Bush vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan then fainted. This resulted in the invention of the phrase "Bushu-suru" meaning "To do the Bush thing" or vomit.

An Australian prime minister named Harold Holt who served from 1966 to 1967. One day, while in office, he went for a swim and just disappeared without a trace.

A tourist in Iceland was arrested when some local girls told him that it was tradition to run around naked on the Prime Minister's lawn.

There has been an officially-appointed (by Prime Minister) Wizard of New Zealand since 1990.

No Canadian Prime Minister has been assassinated while serving their term and only two have died in office, as a result of a stroke, and heart attack respectively.

1989 Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke gave a speech allowing Chinese People to come to Australia following the Tiananmen Square Massacre, without telling the Australian government.

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