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No Canadian Prime Minister has been assassinated while serving their term and only two have died in office, as a result of a stroke, and heart attack respectively.

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Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson visited the US in 1965 and made a speech criticizing American foreign policy; the next day, President Lyndon Johnson invited him to Camp David, grabbed him by the lapels, and said, "Don't you come into my living room and piss on my rug."

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  1. When Canadian Prime Minster Lester B. Pearson Came To Philadelphia To Speak Against The Vietnam War, Before He Could Finish His Speech President Lyndon B. Johnson summoned him to Camp David, Maryland where he grabbed him and said "Don't you come into my living room and piss on my rug."

  2. President Johnson once grabbed Canadian Prime Minister Pearson by the lapels and shouted: "Don't you come into my living room and piss on my rug" after a disagreement about Vietnam war

  3. During WWII there was a top-secret international spy academy in Canada (on Lake Ontario) called "Camp X". The camp was so secret that even the Canadian Prime Minister didn't have full knowledge of its purpose.

  4. Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, almost married future Canadian prime minister John Turner. "It was “instant attraction … fairy tale stuff” with the young bachelor-lawyer and there were rumours about a “secret visit” to London and an order from the Queen to stop seeing him

  5. A Canadian prime minister once said "I hate politics...I hate notoriety, public meetings, public speeches, caucuses and everything that I know of which is apparently the necessary incident of politics—except doing public work to the best of my ability."

  6. Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, is the most famous drunk in all of Canadian history.

  7. Canadian Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie fought passionately for equality and the elimination of all forms of class distinction. He left school at age 13, always remembered his humble origins, refused the offer of a knighthood three times and also declined the title "Right Honourable"

  8. The only assassination attempt on a Canadian prime minister was committed by a man who thought he was a secret agent and was armed with a pocket knife. He broke into the prime minister's home but was thwarted in his attempt when the prime minister's wife closed the bedroom door.

  9. When a Canadian separatist movement kidnapped an important politician in 1970, the Prime Minister suspended all civil liberties, including habeas corpus. Hundreds were arrested without charge.

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In 1965, future Canadian Prime Minister John Turner saved former PM Diefenbaker from drowning during a Caribbean vacation

In 1995 The Queen was tricked into a spoofed phone call with a Radio DJ pretending to be a Canadian Prime Minister - source

When Churchill and Roosevelt met in Quebec City, Canada, to discuss war related material, Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King was not allowed to participate in the meetings while Stalin was actually invited but couldn't show up. - source

Korean Air Flight 85, suspected to be hijacked on 9/11, was authorized to be shot down by the Canadian Prime Minister. After being forced to land, it turned out to be a simple misunderstanding from a text sent by the South Korean pilots to ATC.

On 9/11, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien contemplated shooting a mysterious Korean aircraft down if it got too close to Vancouver. "I said, ‘Yes, do it if it's needed.' And in fact, the plane eventually landed in Whitehorse" - source

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On November 5, 1995, a deranged man entered the home of the Canadian Prime Minister with the intention of assassinating him. He was thwarted in his attempt when the wife of the Prime Minister simply locked their bedroom door.

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Sir Sandford Fleming, a Scottish Canadian, promoted worldwide standard time zones, a prime meridian, and use of the 24-hour clock as key elements to communicating the accurate time, all of which influenced the creation of Coordinated Universal Time.

Unlike 10 Downing Street or the White House, 24 Sussex is used almost exclusively as a place of residence by the Canadian Prime Minister. A Prime Minister's wife has said the residence is "completely lacking" in architectural value and is not worth saving

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien did not speak English at all when he was elected to Parliament in 1963 from rural Quebec

In 1981 nine American and Canadian neo-Nazis were arrested when they tried to take over the entire nation of Dominica with the former prime minister's help.

Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson visited the US in 1965 and publicly criticized American policy in Vietnam. The next day, President Johnson allegedly grabbed him and said "Don't you come into my living room and piss on my rug."

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The Canadian prime minister serves at Her Majesty's pleasure, meaning the post does not have a fixed term. In a survey, 51% thought the prime minister was directly elected by Canadians when this is not the case

The United Kingdom had a Canadian Prime Minister in 1922-1923

In 1964, a minister of the Canadian government got interviewed on a Canadian TV Show. The minister, Rene Levesque, would go on to become the Premier of Quebec; the interviewer, Pierre Trudeau, would go on to become Prime Minister.

President Roosevelt made history as the first U.S. president to visit Canada's capital, in 1943 and made a speech to Parliament but Americans have not reciprocated in the same way for Canadian prime ministers to address their Congress

Former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark was punched in the face by a stranger who called him by name while walking in Montreal. Clark had declined RCMP protection, available to all former prime ministers, after he left politics

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Future Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was blacklisted by the United States in the 1950's because he attended a conference in Moscow.

When Lyndon Johnson hosted Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson in 1965, he hauled him up by his lapels and shouted, “you pissed on my rug”

Until 2017, Mackenzie Bowell remained the only Canadian prime minister without a full-length biography of his life and career. "The Accidential Prime Minister" was published ten years after the author died having unsuccessfully sought a publisher for her work for a decade

The polar bear on the Canadian two-dollar coin has an official name: Churchill, referencing both the former British Prime Minister and the town in northern Manitoba where polar bear sightings are common

Canadian Prime Minster John Turner was born in England and immigrated to Canada at age 4. In 1947 he became the fastest man in Canada, setting the Canadian record for the 100-yard dash (9.8 seconds). He also qualified for the 1948 Olympic Games – but was unable to attend due to an accident

In 1964, US President Lyndon Johnson accused Canadian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lester Pearson of "pissing on his rug".

On June 2nd 1940 Adolf Hitler visited the Canadian Vimy Ridge memorial after accusations from the Canadian Prime Minister that the Nazi's destroyed the monument. Angered by this Hitler visited the site and had pictures taken of him in front of the memorial as proof it was left intact.

Despite Canada contributing 110 ships to D-Day, sending 14,000 men ashore, and having responsibility for an entire beach, Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King was not informed D-Day had had been launched until hours after the ships had left England

Margaret MacMillan, the Canadian historian who wrote the book Paris: 1919 about the Versailles Treaty, is the great-granddaughter of David Lloyd-George, the British Prime Minister who negotiated it

When asked if he told opposition members to "F**k off" in the House of Commons, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said he actually said Fuddle duddle.

There is a house in Ottawa that was home to two Canadian prime ministers and hosted many foreign dignitaries like Roosevelt and Churchill. It was briefly considered for permanent official residence of the prime minister

When former Canadian prime minister Mackenzie King met Hitler, he described him as having smooth skin and reminding him of Joan of Arc.

Former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King had a ouija board and would use it to talk to his dead dogs.

Taking office the day before his 40th birthday, Joe Clark is the youngest person to become Canadian Prime Minister. He represented Canada internationally at the G7 summit and had a good relationship with Jimmy Carter

Pierre Trudeau met an 18 year old girl vacationing in Tahiti while he was Canadian Minister of Justice and became captivated by the "carefree flower child". After becoming Prime Minister he astonished the country by marrying the 22-year-old a few years later when he was 52

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