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US Army master sergeant Roy Benavidez. During the Vietnam War, he fought 1000 NVA soldiers for 6 hours with only a knife while saving the lives of his comrades. He was so badly injured he was presumed dead and when a doctor was about to zip his body bag, he spat in the doctor's face.

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A Chinese woman missing for 10 yrs and presumed dead was found living at an internet cafe. A runaway at age 14, she was good at the game "Cross Fire,"so other gamers paid to watch her play it; she slept at internet cafes and public bathhouses until being found at age 24

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  1. A mother finding her kidnapped daughter at a birthday party five years after the baby had been presumed dead.

  2. In 1846, Eremina desertorum, a snail, was collected and glued to a museum index card, presumed dead. 4 years later, the specimen was being looked at with warm water, when it suddenly awoke and looked around to see what was going on.

  3. Legendary musician and New Orleans resident Fats Domino refused to leave his home when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, leading him to be presumed dead until rescued by the coastguard. At 88 years old, he is still performing live music!

  4. In 2015 a Chinese woman who was missing for a decade and presumed dead was found living in an internet cafe playing games for 10 years.

  5. About Everest climber Lincoln Hall, who was presumed dead and abandoned at 8700m. The next morning a group of climbers found him changing his clothes, alive, awake, and almost naked.

  6. A British Airways flight experienced a blown windshield at 17,000 feet, the pilot was thrown out of the cockpit and was left half in the cockpit and half out. The pilot suffered only minor injuries, even after he was presumed dead.

  7. British Airways Flight 5390 suffered the loss of half the windscreen at 17,000 feet, resulting in the pilot being half sucked out of the plane. He survived with relatively minor injuries, despite the crew considering letting him go after presuming he was dead.

  8. A man was believed to have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge. A suicide note and his jacket were found and he was presumed dead. 1 year later he was found in Texas selling bibles.

  9. In 2015 a Chinese woman who was missing for a decade & presumed dead was found living in an internet cafe after playing games for 10 years.

  10. A bomb-detection dog that went missing for 14 months and was presumed dead after a battle in Afghanistan. She was later found wandering with a local man and rescued. In 2011, she was awarded a purple cross for exceptional courage.

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A young Soviet soldier who went missing in Afghanistan in 1980 and was presumed dead was found in 2013 living as a nomadic sheik and traditional doctor

Lydia Litvyak, the first of two WWII female fighter pilot aces, and the holder of the record for most kills by a female fighter pilot. She disappeared and was presumed dead at the age of 21 after a dogfight with German Messerchmitt 109s. - source

Lincoln Hall, a climber who was abandoned at 8700m on Mt. Everest after being presumed dead. 12 hours later, he was found barely clothed with no hat, mask, oxygen, or gloves. Upon noticing the expedition that had found him, he said "I imagine you're surprised to see me here." - source

Natasha Ryan who went missing and presumed dead at 14, was found alive 5 years later in a closet.

The voice actor who played Peter Pan and Jim Dawkins in Treasure Island was fired by Disney at 16yo due to bad acne. His career never recovered and he became an addict at 17. He was found dead in the East Village at 31, presumed homeless, and buried in a pauper's grave. - source

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Harold Holt, the Australian prime minister in 1966-1967 that went to swim in the ocean and never came back. His body was never found and he was presumed dead

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Lionel Crabb, a Royal Navy frogman and WWII veteran who, on 19 April 1966, diver into Portsmouth Harbour to recon a Russian ship berthed there. He was never seen again, and is presumed dead. The incident was a major crisis point in the Cold War between the UK and Russia.

Nigel the parrot vanished from his British owner's house in 2010 and was presumed dead or gone until he randomly showed up 4 years later. Nobody knows where he went, but he came back speaking only Spanish and talking about some guy named Larry

The IMDb page for The Blair Witch Project listed the actors as "missing, presumed dead" in the first year of the film's availability

Clairvius Narcisse, a man who was presumed dead, only to be discovered he was a Haitian Voodoo zombie for 18 years.

In 2015, a Chinese woman who had been missing for a decade and presumed dead was discovered to have been living in internet cafes, playing video games.

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the CCP kidnapped a 6-year old child, Gedhun Chekyi Niyma. Who was named as the Panchen Lama of Tibet. The Panchen Lama is the second-highest figure in Tibetian Bhuddism. Niyma was replaced by a Chinese puppet leader and is presumed dead.

During a period from 1986 - 1989 in the Williamsburg, VA area, three couples were murdered. One couple, out on their first date, is missing and presumed to be dead. No One has any idea who is responsible.

A chef who survived a sinking of a Tugboat where all 12 were presumed dead

In 1968, Roy Benavidez completed his mission & saved 8 Special Forces men from an entire NVA battalion despite suffering 37 bullet & shrapnel wounds along the way. Subsequently presumed dead from the wounds, they were zipping up his body bag when he spat on them just in time to alert them.

In The Blair Witch Project (1999), before the film was released, the three main actors were listed as "missing, presumed dead" on the IMDb.

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IMDb listed the cast and crew of The Blair Witch Project as "missing, presumed dead" to help market the film as real

A Chinese woman missing for 10 years and presumed dead was found living at an internet cafe. A runaway at 14, she was good at the game "Cross Fire," so other gamers paid to watch her play it; she slept at internet cafes and public bathhouses until being found at the age of 24.

IMDb listed the Blair Witch Project actors as 'missing, presumed dead' throughout the films initial release year.

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