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In 1959, police were called to a segregated library in S. Carolina when a 9yr-old Black boy refused to leave. He later got a PhD in Physics from MIT, and died in 1986, one of the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Challenger. The library that refused to lend him books is now named after him.

In 2017, a dog named Odin refused to leave his flock of goats behind during the California Tubbs Fire as his owners fled to safety. Days later, the owners came back to their property to find Odin survived and managed to keep all the goats alive.

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  1. The owner of Macy's died on the Titanic. He refused to get in a lifeboat before women and children, and his wife refused to leave without him. She said, "I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together." They were last seen standing on the deck, arm in arm

  2. Although many Simpsons characters are named after Matt Groening's family members, he refused to name the Simpsons' Grandpa after his own grandfather, Abraham, leaving it to other writers to choose a name. Coincidentally, they chose Abraham, unaware that it was the name of Matt's grandfather.

  3. A Russian dog whose owners were killed in a car accident. Despite attempts to adopt or re-home him, the dog refused to leave the site of the accident and waited for them until it died 7 years later. The city informally adopted the dog and dedicated a statue to honor his loyalty.

  4. About Viola Desmond, a Nova Scotian woman who in 1946 was charged with tax evasion of one cent for refusing to leave a whites-only section of a theatre. She is featured on the new $10 Canadian bill.

  5. In 1964 white business leaders in Atlanta refused to buy tickets to an event honoring recent Nobel Prize winner Martin Luther King. Coca-Cola recognized the potential PR disaster and threatened to leave the city unless people attended. The event sold out the next day.

  6. US Army nurse Ruby Bradley. Captured during WWII, she was nicknamed the "Angel in Fatigues", delivering 13 babies and smuggling food to help starving children. During the Korean War, she refused to leave her hospital until everyone has left, despite surrounded by 100,000 enemy soldiers.

  7. After describing female journalists as "buck-and-a-half hookers", Frank Sinatra was under siege for 3 days in a Sydney hotel and stranded because airport union staff refused him service, declaring "If you don't apologise, you won't be allowed to leave Australia unless you can walk on water."

  8. There is believed to be only one remaining Jew in Afghanistan. He has special permission to butcher his own meat according to Kosher law, and is caretaker to the only remaining synagogue in Kabul. Despite his family having emigrated to Israel, he himself refuses: "Why should I leave?"

  9. In 1919, having pitched 8⅔ innings in a game against the Athletics, Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lightning. Despite being knocked unconscious, he refused to leave the game. He went on to record the final out for the complete-game win.

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In 1944, on the verge of the Liberation of Paris, Hitler ordered it's governor to leave it a "pile of rubble," and destroy all religious and historical monuments. The Governor refused, saving Paris.

Privately owned stores such as Walmart can't force you to show a receipt before letting you leave the store. You can politely refuse to show your receipt and continue walking out the door. - source

A stray pit bull adopted an orphaned kitten and kept her alive by nursing her on her own milk. After being rescued the kitten was bottle-fed, but the dog refused to leave her side, howling if separated and licking her clean as she ate. Upon adoption from the centre, they came as a pair. - source

There is a Christian cult in China that tortures former members for leaving and killed a woman for refusing to join

15 girls died in Saudi Arabia after the religious police refused to let them leave their burning building because they were not properly dressed. - source

In Russia, a stray cat named Masha kept a three month old baby warm in below-freezing temperatures and refused to leave its side when it was taken to the hospital, the baby lived.

Legendary musician and New Orleans resident Fats Domino refused to leave his home when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, leading him to be presumed dead until rescued by the coastguard. At 88 years old, he is still performing live music!

Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, refused to leave the dinner table to pee during a banquet, as this was considered impolite. This caused him to rupture his bladder and die as a result.

A way to go on strike without leaving work. In "work-to-rule", employees do the minimum possible required of them, and precisely follow all safety and other regulations. Examples: Refusing overtime, nurses not answering phones, police not issuing citations, taking every legally entitled break

The sandwich was supposedly invented by the Earl of Sandwich, who was so addicted to gambling that he refused to leave the table for meals, and demanded something he could eat with one hand. It caught on amongst other players, who ordered "the same as sandwich" - thus, "the sandwich".

The last 2 Afghan Jews lived on opposite sides of Kabul's synagogue, both claimed ownership of the space, refused to leave fearing the other would sell it. The two fought so much over the synagogue's Torah (bible) scroll that, after each called Taliban on the other, the Taliban confiscated it.

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Haydn wrote a Symphony where each player leaves during the course of the finale leaving only 2 violinists. The song was wrote as a protest to his boss the Prince who refused the players time off to see their families.

30,000 people were killed during the 1902 Mount Pelee eruption, because the Governor refused to evacuate until after election day. The right wing government was worried about a possible socialist victory, and refused to let anyone leave until after the election on May 11th. It erupted on May 8th

When Rockefeller Center was being built in Manhattan, the tenants of two small buildings on the site refused to leave. 30 Rock was built between them, which are still there today.

At the age of 14 Andrew Jackson was captured by the British. An officer order Jackson to clean his boots, Jackson refused. The office hit him in the face with his sword leaving a life long scar on his cheek.

A "nail house" is a home whose resident refuses to leave in order to make way for new construction. In China this has lead to some almost sculpture-like creations.

Sgt Thomas Durrant who posthumously received the Victoria Cross following recommendation made by a German commander of an enemy destroyer that he fought against. He repeatedly refused to leave his exposed Lewis gun, sustaining severe injury until the enemies boarded his ship

Daniel Inouye , Former Senator, and Medal of Honor recipient. When told of the severity of his wounds, refused treatment, rallied his men for an attack, and was struck in his right elbow, nearly severing his arm and leaving a grenade stuck in his hand,using his other hand he threw it back.

The Earl of Sandwich, the man of which the snack is named after, enjoyed poker so much he refused to leave the table in Nov. 3, 1762. When he grew hungry, he asked a servant for a slice of meat which he then put between two slices of bread so he wouldn't smear his cards and hands with food.

During the Krakatoa eruptions and resulting tsunamis, a javanese lighthouse keeper refused to leave his post, survived after the lighthouse collapsed, lost his wife and child, and built a makeshift light just a few hours afterward so that ships wouldn't run aground.

The dealers in Boston refused to allow the ships to leave and instead dumped the tea in the harbor.

Rosa Parks wasn’t the first African American to defy authority on public transportation. On July 16, 1865 Elizabeth Jennings boarded and refused to leave a whites only horse drawn streetcar.

Planning permission in London was refused for a building. The requester asked to put a tank there instead. Permission was granted for a "septic tank". Man puts a T34 tank there, points the gun at the council offices, and leaves it there for 21 years.

Jehovah’s Witnesses were the only group allowed to leave Nazi concentration camps by signing a renunciation of their faith and a pledge of loyalty to the fatherland. An estimated 1200 died in the camp, including 250 who were executed who refused to sign the document.

In 1915 Elbert and Alice Hubbard boarded the RMS Lusitania, leaving New York. 11 miles from the coast of Ireland the ship was hit by a German u-boat's torpedo and sunk. Elbert and Alice refused to be separated into lifeboats and remained together on the sinking ship. They both died.

Isidor Straus, co-owner of Macy's, and his wife Ida, are the elderly couple briefly seen in the film Titanic. Though a First Class passenger, Ida refused to leave her husband behind, saying "We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go." Ida was 1 of only 4 First Class women to die.

Peter J. Ganci, Jr., FDNY Chief who died in the 9/11 fires. When it became apparent the building would collapse, he evacuated the others outside the building except for himself and an FDNY Commissioner. Peter refused to leave, saying, "I'm not leaving my men." many of which were still inside.

Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor, spent over 4 years on an island as a castaway after he refused to reembark his ship, which he doubted was seaworthy. The ship left and later sunk, leaving all survivors to surrender to the Spanish.

The youngest person to win the Medal of Honor was actually Willie Johnson, who at the age of 11 years old enlisted as a drummer in The Civil War. During a retreat, most soldiers abandoned all equipment, but Johnson refused to leave his drum, the only one in his regiment to do so.

About a group of 15 people who are living full-time deep inside Chernobyl's 30KM "exclusion zone". These people either refused to leave or went back to their homes after the 1986 disaster.

Friends of Stephen Hawking called police to report that someone was beating him, leaving him with bruises and broken bones -- & that to this day Hawking refuses to finger the culprit

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