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The Sodder children disappearance. The Sodder family still believes that 5 of its children who disappeared after a fire burned their house in 1945, were actually kidnapped by Mussolini in retaliation to George Sodder's criticism of his regime

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In 1945, 5 children of the Sodder family went missing in a house fire on Christmas Eve, pronounced dead by officials. Their bodies were never discovered in the fire, and they were never heard from again.

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  1. The Sodder family, whose home burned down on Christmas Eve, 1945. Four of the children escaped unharmed with their parents, but the fates of five other children were a mystery. No remains were found. The events surrounding the fire and search for the children are fascinating.

  2. About the missing persons case of the Sodder family where 4 of 10 children disappeared (or died) under extremely suspicious circumstances

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