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A British bomb detection dog named Theo died from stress a few hours after seeing his handler get shot. The pair had set a record for bomb detection, and the dog was posthumously awarded an honour equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

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In 2007, a nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named George sacrificed himself to save five children from an attack by two Pit Bulls. All three dogs had to be euthanized, but George was posthumously awarded a PDSA Gold Medal and his heroism was commemorated with a bronze statue.

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  1. In 1965 Milton Olive III sacrificed his own life to save a group of soldiers by smothering a live grenade. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor award, becoming the first African American of the Vietnam War to do so.

  2. Neerja Bhanot, a 22 year old Indian air hostess who helped hide 41 American passports aboard a hijacked plane. She died shielding three children from gunfire and was posthumously awarded bravery medals from India, Pakistan, and the United States.

  3. Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the son of the famous president, was the only General to land in the first wave of the D-Day landings, despite having a heart condition that forced him to walk with a cane. He succumbed to a heart attack a month later, and was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor.

  4. In 1917 during WWI, Sgt Henry "Black Death" Johnson was wounded 21 times from a German Soldier raid. Racism was still a barrier and was never recognized by the U.S. until 2015, posthumously awarded the MOH. He was the first American in WWI to be awarded the Croix De Guerre by France.

  5. A 13-year-old boy from Qom, Iran, called Hossein Fahmideh disabled an Iraqi tank and halted the advance of an entire Iraqi tank column at the cost of his life in Kermanshah. He later was awarded the 1st Grade Fath medal (posthumously) and the date of his death is now a holiday in Iran.

  6. About James Okubo, a Japanese American who was in college when WWII started studying dentistry, he was kicked out and sent to a Japanese internment camp in CA for 2 years. He then joined the Army as a medic and saved 25 men in a battle in 1944, was posthumously awarded the medal of honor in 2000

  7. Union artillery officer Alonzo Cushing was killed after being wounded twice during the Battle of Gettysburg, refusing evacuation from his position atop Cemetery Ridge during Pickett’s Charge. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor 151 years later, the longest wait for any recipient.

  8. When an Indian Captain was badly wounded in WW2 Burma and thought to be on his deathbed, he was quickly awarded a Military Cross because at the time it couldn't be given posthumously. He survived and became the first Indian to be promoted to Field Marshal.

  9. About steam train driver Wally Oaks who heroically gave his life to stop his train after an accident engulfed the engine in flames. He saved all passengers and was posthumously awarded a George Cross for bravery.

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Most of the posthumous Vietnam War Medal of Honor decorations were awarded to those soldiers who threw their bodies on live grenades to absorb the detonation

Only one woman has been awarded the Medal Of Honor. It was subsequently taken away from her & then 60 years later, it was posthumously given back. Mary was a women’s right activist & was once arrested for “impersonating” a man by wearing pants. - source

Even though Lise Meitner co-discovered nuclear fission of uranium, she did not receive the 1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that discovery. Only her associate did. In the 1990s the decision was called 'unjust by many scientists and she has several posthumous awards since then. - source

Moseley was a candidate for the 1916 Nobel Prize but it is not awarded posthumously; the Nobel Prize for Physics and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry were not awarded in 1916.

Lenny Kravitz is named after his uncle, PFC Leonard Kravitz, who was KIA in Korea while defending his retreating platoon against an attack. The Army later found that PFC Kravitz had been denied the Medal of Honor due to his Jewish heritage, and awarded it to him posthumously in 2014. - source

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in 1946 he was posthumously awarded the Lasker Award.

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In 1948 (the year of Gandhi's death), the Nobel Committee looked into awarding its Peace prize posthumously, but since Gandhi left behind no will or organizations able accept it, they declined awarding the prize, stating "there was no suitable candidate".

Jonathan Larson, the creator of the musical Rent, died three months before the musical premiered on Broadway. The musical was a smash hit and he was posthumously awarded a Pulitzer and two Tony Awards for his work.

Flannery O"Connor was awarded the National Book Award for Fiction posthumously in 1972 for Complete Stories.

She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

Marines threw themselves on grenades for 5 out of 5 of the posthumous Medal of Honors awarded at the Battle of Pelelui

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George Carlin was the first and is still the only posthumous recipient of both the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

In 1930 the U.S. Congress was inspired by his work to pass the Plant Patent Act and Burbank was awarded 16 plant patents posthumously.

Australia's Logie Awards are named for him and in 2014 he was posthumously inducted into the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

Noor Inayat Khan, Britain's first Muslim war heroine who was posthumously awarded the George Cross for her service in the SOE, the highest civilian decoration in the UK

Douglas Albert Munro, who is to date, the only member of the U.S. Coast Guard to receive the Medal of Honor. He was posthumously awarded for his actions at Guadalcanal, on September 27, 1942. Munro led a group of landing boats in the evacuation of a Marine battalion trapped by enemy forces.

Neerja Bhanot, a 22-year-old Indian air hostess who helped hide 41 American passports aboard a hijacked plane. She died shielding three children from gunfire and was posthumously awarded bravery medals from India, Pakistan, and the United States.

Composer Victor Young was nominated 21 times before finally winning an Oscar for 1956's "Around the World in 80 Days." Unfortunately, he died before the awards ceremony, and the award was granted posthumously.

The only two actors to have received posthumous Academy Awards for acting were Australian: Peter Finch, for Network, and Heath Ledger, for The Dark Knight.

Despite being nominated five times, Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize. Although posthumous awards aren’t given, the Nobel Committee came as close as possible in 1948, the year he died, when they didn't give out an award because “there was no suitable living candidate.”

The American Institute of Architects has never awarded a woman its highest honor, the gold medal, until they finally gave it to Julia Morgan in 2014. Unfortunately she passed away in 1957. Two years later, they awarded their first gold medal to an African American, also posthumously.

Ben-Hur's producer died during filming, and was posthumously awarded Best Picture.

Neerja Bhanot, a 22 year old Indian air hostess who helped hide 41 American passports aboard a hijacked plane. She died shielding three children from gunfire and was posthumously awarded bravery medals from India, Pakistan, and the United States.

John Kennedy Toole, author of A Confederacy of Dunces, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the novel posthumously - 12 years after his suicide but only 1 year after publication.

Victor Young received 21 different Oscar nominations for his film scores without winning a single one. When he finally won his first Oscar, it was awarded posthumously.

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, an 18-year-old WWII Soviet Partisan who burned down some houses in a village used by German soldiers. She was caught and tortured but stayed defiant as they hanged her. She was posthumously awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

Taffy IV, a Welsh military goat who served in WWI and was posthumously awarded the 1914 Star, British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Mervyn S. Bennion who, even after being mortally wounded by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor aboard the USS West Virginia, maintained command of his ship, and "strongly protested against being carried from the bridge" to safety. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

Battle of Saragarhi in which 21 Sikh Soldiers fought 10000-12000 Afghans in 1897. The Sikh Soldiers were awarded the Indian Order of Merit posthumously, the highest gallantry award which an Indian soldier could receive at that time.

During WWI only one African-American, Freddie Stowers, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. It was awarded posthumously in 1991, 73 years after his death.

On this day (Sept 30th) 1955 The Hollywood film star James Dean was tragically killed in a road accident in California. Dean's premature death cemented his legendary status. He became the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor

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