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Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson, who personally intervened and stopped the My Lai massacre, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his action. However, after reading the citation, which included a fabricated account of him rescuing a young girl under heavy fire, he threw his medal away.

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The trapping mechanism of a venus fly trap is so specialized it can distinguish between living prey and non-prey stimuli such as falling raindrops. It will only close if a different hair is contacted within 20 seconds of the first strike, to avoid trapping objects with no nutritional value.

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  1. During WWII, a US fighter pilot downed an unarmed American C-47 transport to prevent its landing on Japanese-occupied Bataan. The pilot was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and he displayed a kill mark tally of flags on the side of his P-51: 7 German, 1 Italian, 1 Japanese and 1 American

  2. Don Herbert - Mr. Wizard of television fame - was a B-24 Liberator bomber pilot in WWII, completing 56 combat missions and earning the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross.

  3. Amelia was the first woman to receive from Congress the Distinguished Flying Cross.

  4. Chuck Yeager was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross twice, once for a Messerschmitt Me 262 kill, and the other for being the first to break the sound barrier

  5. Of the American servicemen who were present during the attack on Pearl Harbor, 15 received a Medal of Honor, 51 received a Navy Cross, 53 received a Silver Star, 4 received a Navy and Marine Corp Medal, 4 received Distinguished Crosses, 1 received a Distinguished Flying Cross, 1 received a Distinguished Service medal, and three received Bronze Star Medals.

  6. Legendary actor and decorated soldier Jimmy Stewart was initially relegated to being an "Army Recruiting Symbol". He requested to be apart of combat and would go on to earn many commendations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, an Air Medal with Three Oak Clusters, and The Croix de guerre.

  7. At the time of A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour, Roger Waters issued a writ for copyright fees for the band's use of the flying pig. Pink Floyd responded by attaching a large set of male genitalia to its underside to distinguish it from Waters' design.

  8. TSgt. Ben Kuroki was the only Japanese-American to fly with the USAAF in both the European (30 missions) and Pacific (28 missions) theaters of WWII. Over his 58 missions, Kuroki received the Distinguished Service Medal, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, and five Air Medals.

  9. Astronaut and Senator John Glenn was a U.S. Marine fighter pilot who flew 59 combat missions during WWII and 63 combat missions during the Korean War and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on six times. In Korea, he got the nickname "magnet ass" because he attracted so much enemy flak.

  10. Dr. Jack Perry. An anesthetist who received the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in the Second World War. He also won the 1942 Grey Cup with the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes. As well, he made the 1948 Canadian Olympic track and field team.

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Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Flying Cross, Congressional Gold Medal, a Pulitzer Prize and many other prestigious awards in the U.S. and abroad.

The Tuskegee Airmen were awarded a total of 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses for their service.

George McGovern was a B-24 pilot and Distinguished Flying Cross winner who flew 35 missions over German occupied Europe. - source

Three balloonists were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for surviving their plummet

Lauri Törni fought for both Finland and Germany in WWII, and the United States during Vietnam. He was awarded the Mannerheim Cross, Iron Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Bronze Star. - source

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