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Thomas Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a passage attacking slavery, calling it an 'execrable commerce'. The passage was removed due to pressure from Southern plantation owners and Northern slave merchants

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Plantation owners from South Carolina paid a higher price for slaves the came from Gambia and Sierra Leon because these blacks knew how to grow rice and could show their slavemasters the process.

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  1. After the Haitian Slave revolt, France demanded the newly independent country compensate former plantation owners who had lost their 'property' to the tune of $21 Billion (inflation adjusted)

  2. Most of the opposition to the Proclamation came from plantation owners and farmers who wanted to expand their operations east as well as new immigrants who were looking to get started in British America with cheaper land.

  3. Plantation owner Robert Carter, after a religious awakening, freed over 450 slaves during his lifetime.

  4. The battle over slavery helped to spark the Civil War. Many did not want slavery in the North over fears that plantation owners would soon own too much land and have too much control in general over the North like they did in the South.

  5. After the Haitian Revolution, France forced Haiti to pay an "independence debt" because their plantation owners "lost" all those valuable slaves.

  6. Buildings and homes confiscated from plantation owners and unrepentant Confederates were sometimes used as freedmen schools.

  7. The phrase describing betrayal - Being sold down the river - originated from the slave trade. Where one would literally be sold to a plantation owner down the river, what was seen as a death sentence.

  8. The plantation owners often traded their crops for items they could not produce themselves such as tools, shoes, thread, lace, and kitchenware such as iron kettles.

  9. Plantations in the Maryland Colony were dominated by tobacco, and as prices dropped the plantation owners grew to rely heavily on slaves to maximize profits.

  10. The term cakewalk comes from a 19th century dance, invented by slaves in the antebellum South. It was intended to satirize the ballroom promenades of white plantation owners. Couples promenaded through the ballroom, bowing deeply and frequently. The couple who performed the best won a cake

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The South Carolina Colony's original settlers were English plantation owners who relied on slavery to keep their operations running and profitable.

Plantation owners in the Georgia Colony often traded their crops for items they could not produce. These items included dishes, farming tools, shoes, and thread.

On January 17, 1893, the U.S. government took part in a conspiracy led by a small group of wealthy businessmen and sugar plantation owners to overthrow the monarchy of Hawaii - source

About Suriname in SA. It's culturally Caribbean and the only sovereign country outside of Europe where the majority of its 558k citizens speak Dutch. Slaves fleeing very brutal conditions formed independent communities in the forest, raiding and fighting successfully against plantation owners.

A man named Clairvius Narcisse was drugged and buried alive then dug up and drugged again, making him behave like a zombie slave or a plantation. He was only freed when the owner died and the stream of drugs stopped. - source

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If ranked as an independent nation, the Confederate States of America would have been the fourth richest country of the world in 1860. Most slaves, almost 4/5, were owned directly by industrial owners, not plantation owners.

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Berry Gordy's great grandmother was a slave, and his great grandfather the plantation owner.

There's a Caribbean island where St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday... though it's to celebrate a slave revolt against the Irish plantation owners.

The cakewalk was originally a 19th-century dance, invented by blacks in the South to satirize the stiff ballroom promenades of white plantation owners

An English ship captain had children with an African slave woman, including one daughter. The daughter later had 6 children with a white American plantation owner. One of these children was Sally Hemings, who herself later had 6 children with founding father Thomas Jefferson.

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Slavery is legal in the United States according to the 13th amendment and plantation owners are now referred to as prison owners: "abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime"

There were black plantation owners in the south, that owned slaves and fought on behalf of the Confederacy.

A black plantation worker was killed for murdering the owner. His 8-month pregnant wife denied his involvement and threatened to have the mob arrested. They hung her upside down; set her on fire; cut open her abdomen while alive; baby fell to the floor; was stomped to death; shot her repeatedly.

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