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America created the country of Liberia for newly freed black slaves to be sent to.

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About "40 acres and a mule" a plan written by Union General Sherman to redistribute confiscated southern land to newly freed slaves after the Civil War to help them establish communities. The plan was vetoed by President Andrew Johnson after Lincoln was assassinated.

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  1. After the abolition of slavery in 1833, the British introduced a scheme called the Indian Indenture System. The newly freed slaves were not willing to work for the low wages offered by the British, so Indians became a substitute in what became a second slave trade. It was banned in 1917.

  2. In an effort to give newly freed blacks more equal access to the courts, the Freedmen's Bureau established its own court system in most of the southern states.

  3. Ida B Wells attended Shaw University but dropped out when her parents and youngest sibling died from yellow fever. It was a school for newly freed slaves that her father once served on the board of directors for.

  4. The first Memorial Day was organized by African Americans in 1865, when newly-freed slaves and black workers in Charleston properly re-buried Union soldiers who had died there as prisoners of war, declaring them "martyrs" in the war against slavery.

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