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Pheidippides, the man who inspired the modern marathon, initially ran 150 miles over two days to request help from Sparta before running back. He then ran the 25 miles to the battlefield near Marathon and back to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon

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The word marathon originated from Pheidippides's run from Athens to Sparta in 490 BC. He ran from one city to the other in order to ask for help in the Battle of Marathon against the Persians.

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  1. The modern marathon run of 26.2 miles is believed to have been derived from the Battle of Marathon. According to more than one legend, a man named Pheidippides ran the 26.2 miles from Marathon to Athens to tell the people of the city that the Greeks had just won.

  2. Pheidippides - the Greek soldier who ran the original Marathon - was also credited with completing a near-250km trip between Athens and Sparta in a day and a half. Today, the same route is raced annually as the 'Spartathlon'.

  3. According the fifth century BC historian Herodotus, Pheidippides actually ran more than 150 miles from Athens to Sparta to get their help, but they were celebrating an important religious festival.

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