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Michael Stipe of R.E.M counted the number of "yeah"s in the lyrics of "Man on the Moon" to outdo his friend Kurt Cobain who had a habit of putting "yeah" in Nirvana's lyrics

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While recording their second album, R.E.M. recorded a song called "Voice Of Harold", using the same music from their song "7 Chinese Bros." and the lyrics are just Michael Stipe reading the liner notes from a Gospel album called "The Joy of Knowing Jesus" by the Revelaires.

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  1. The song ‘what’s the frequency, Kenneth’ is about an incident in 1986 when news anchor Dan Rather was assaulted by an unknown assailant who was shouting “Kenneth, what’s the frequency?” Bizarre story that Michael Stipe became obsessed with.

  2. Michael Stipe from REM almost played Kevin Spacey's serial killer role in the David Fincher film "Se7en"

  3. The REM Unplugged version of "The One I Love" where Michael Stipe sings in the low register harmonizes PERFECTLY when you sing along in the traditional manner. Try it yourself.

  4. The song "Voice of Harold" by REM on their 1987 album Dead Letter Office consists of lyrics read straight from the liner notes of a gospel album by the Revelairres Michael Stipe found in the studio. Always loved the song but never knew that.

  5. REM's Michael Stipe Was A Huge Fan Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show In The Late 1970s

  6. Michael Stipe named R.E.M. by selecting randomly in a dictionary

  7. The four famous "L.B." figures mentioned in R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It"--among them Leonard Bernstein--met together in a dream that band member Michael Stipe once had.

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