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In 1945, a school dropout and self-taught electrical engineer named Percy Spencer was working at Ratheon. He stepped in front of a magnetron, a device that powers radars. He noticed a chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. Later that year, he filed a patent for the first microwave oven.

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The microwave oven was invented by accident. In 1945, Percy Spencer, an American self-taught engineer, was working in a lab testing magnetrons, the high-powered vacuum tubes inside radars that produced microwaves, where he noticed a peanut butter candy bar in his pocket had begun to melt

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  1. The use of microwaves to warm food was accidentally discovered when engineer Percy Spencer melted his chocolate bar while operating a radar machine

  2. The microwave inventor Dr. Percy Spencer lived to 76 with no apparent health consequences from working around microwaves for much of his adult life.

  3. The Microwave Oven was invented after Percy Spencer had a bar of chocolate melt in his pocket when he walked by an active radar set.

  4. Percy Spencer, the inventor or the Microwave oven and former Sr. Vice president of Raytheon never received any formal training in electrical engineering or even finished grammar school.

  5. The microwave oven was invented by accident by an American Percy Spencer who was Orphaned and never finished grammar school

  6. The microwave oven was an accidental invention by researcher Percy Spencer.

  7. The microwave was created by accident. While the creator, Percy Spencer, was developing microwave radar transmitters, he discovered that a candy bar in his pocket had begun to melt.

  8. The heating capability of microwave (which led to microwave oven) was accidentally discovered by engineer Percy Spencer, who noticed that a chocolate bar in his trousers started to melt while he's standing near a microwave-emitting radar set.

  9. With nearly no formal training or education Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven in 1945. Spencer never received any royalties for his invention, only a 2$ gratuity from the company he was employed by, Raytheon.

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