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Modern cruise control was developed by an engineer frustrated by his lawyer who kept speeding up and slowing down the car as he talked

Keanu Reeves turned down a $11 million offer to reprise his role as Jack Traven in "Speed 2: Cruise Control" in favor of playing the main role in "The Devil's Advocate" opposite to Al Pacino

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  1. A blind mechanical engineer named Ralph Teetor invented cruise control in 1945 after riding with his lawyer, who had a nasty habit of speeding up and slowing down too frequently. It was originally called "Speedostat".

  2. Fartpilot" is Danish for "Cruise Control".

  3. The inventor of cruise control was blind.

  4. MTS Oceanos - a cruise ship - sank in 1991. The captain and most of the crew abandoned the ship before alerting the passengers, who didn't know anything about it until they went to the control room and found it mostly empty.

  5. The the inventor of "cruise control", Ralph Teetor, was blind.

  6. The danish word for cruise control is "fartpilot"

  7. In 1998, a woman on a cruise with her family vanished. It was speculated she was trafficked. Years later, a man believed he saw her in Curacao but she was seemingly being controlled by a man. Another man also believed in saw her in a brothel in Curacao. She hasn’t been found.

  8. Famous frivolous lawsuit where a lady sued Winebago because she thought that the cruise control was autopilot was never filed. It is an urban myth.

  9. The inventor of Cruise Control Ralph Teetor was completely blind

  10. Despite being considered one of the worst film sequels ever made, Speed 2: Cruise Control received Two Thumbs Up from Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

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Ralph Teetor was inspired to invent cruise control because of his lawyers inability to maintain a speed.

The inventor of the cruise control, Ralph Teetor was blind. - source

Ralph Teetor, a blind man, invented cruise control - source

The invention of the modern cruise control system, was invented by a man that was completely blind.

A woman won a over a million dollars from winnebago because the owners manual didnt tell her she still had to steer while using cruise control. - source

Cruise control was invented by a blind man.

A woman sued an RV company and won for not warning that you could not leave the seat while in cruise control.

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