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First male sex symbol of Hollywood was a Japanese actor named Sessue Hayakawa. During his time, he was as popular as Charlie Chaplin and was one of the highest paid stars. At his peak (around 1920), he casually gambled away $1 million in a single evening in Monte Carlo

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In 1945 a farmer chopped off a chicken's head, missed the jugular vein, a clot formed and some of the brain stem survived, providing basic homeostasis functions. Mike the headless chicken toured in sideshows for 18 months and earned the farmer $4,500/ month at the peak of his popularity

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  1. The Waters & Sons firm in 1868 developed a process for making boats out of paper. At the peak of their popularity, they built simple single-person boats to a 45-foot "pleasure barge," which could comfortably seat 23 people. In 1875 they became the "largest boat factory in the United States."

  2. The Grapes of Wrath was so popular, partly because it struck a chord with Americans at the time, that it sold 10,000 copies a week at its peak sales.

  3. Oasis were so popular in the UK in 1995 that a single was released in November of that year of just audio of both Noel and Liam Gallagher arguing during an interview entitled ‘Wibbling Rivalry’ and it charted, peaking at 52.

  4. The city of Cholula is a popular tourist destination in Puebla and an important historical site. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the major archaeological attraction of the city. Most of the pyramid was built during the dominance of the Teotihuacan culture (AD 1-700) and it stands about 217 feet high with a base of 1,480 by 1,480 feet. A church was built on its peak in the modern period.

  5. The United States had a brief Halloween "postcard craze". They originated in the 1890s, experiencing a peak of popularity there in the early 1900s. Until the advent of the common home telephone. Today, many cards from the popular designers of the period are sought after as memorabilia.

  6. There are several features in Kootenay National Park that are in the back country. Floe Lake can be reached by a 10.7km hiking trail. Kaufman Lake must also be hiked to, and Valley of the Ten Peaks is popular with mountaineers.

  7. Medano Creek is a creek that flows along the dunefield. Its peak flow is in early summer, and this is the most popular time to see it. As the season progresses the flow decreases and loses its attraction. Medano Creek is unique because there is no permanent creek bed. The water flows over the sand and sometimes even has waves, or surges, that can be 18 inches high at times.

  8. The name "Gemma", which means "gem" or "gemstone" in the Italian language, peaked in popularity in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and was the third most popular female name in the country in 1984.

  9. Jim Davis has been inducted to Marketing Hall of Fame for Garfield. He spends only a few days a month working on the comic, but is deeply involved managing the brand's popularity, and is careful to pull products at peak popularity to prevent blowback from the brand becoming too ubiquitous.

  10. The name "Trinity" as a given name for a girl rose in popularity after the film, The Matrix. In 1998, the year before the film, it was the 523 most popular name; in 2004 (after the third film in The Matrix trilogy) it peaked as the 48th most pupular and as of 2016 is ranked 137.

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During their peak popularity The Carpenters toured constantly with 814 concerts between 1971 and 1975.

The lady who started the POGS movement died right as it reached peak popularity. - source

Despite its widespread popularity, the myth of Canadians burning down the White House during the War of 1812 really only peaked in the last 25 years - source

90s icon, JNCO jeans, reached peak popularity in 1998, making $186.9 million. By 1999 sales fell to half that. And by 2000 sales had fallen so much the company was forced to close their main factory.

I Look Up as I Walk", popularly known as "Sukiyaki" in some countries, is one of the few non Ind-European language songs to take a spot in the Billboard Top 100 songs, with the song being at #3 at its peak. - source

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genital body jewelry decorations more commonly known as “vajazzling” reached their peak popularity in 2010.

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John Lennon vetoed the Beatles performing the voices of the vultures in The Jungle Book (1967), at the peak of their popularity. Nonetheless, the moptops and Scouse accents remained.

At its peak, Top Gear was so popular the waiting list for a ticket to attend a recording was 21 years long.

The controversial album "Virgin Killer", by the German rock band "Scorpions", became popular in Japan, peaking at #32 on the charts.

About the 100 year rule, which says that when names fall out of fashion, they become popular again 100 years after their last peak because old grandparents with those names die, and parents stop associating those names with old people.

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