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Paula Abdul choreographed the piano dance scene in the Tom Hanks move BIG

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Keanu Reeves was in Paula Abdul's 1991 "Rush, Rush" video

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  1. Paula Abdul choreographed the piano scene in Big

  2. Paula Abdul choreographed the piano scene in BIG

  3. Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” was the most successful debut album of all time and the first time an artist secured four Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles from a debut album

  4. Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd made a rap song called "City of Crime" to promote their movie Dragnet. Paula Abdul choreographed the music video.

  5. Paula Abdul Choreographed the Iconic Keyboard Dance in *Big*

  6. In 1991 Keanu Reeves played the Romantic Lead in Paula Abdul's hit song: Rush,Rush. The album would go on to be triple platinum in the United States and peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Its worldwide sales stand at 7 million.

  7. Alan Ritchson, Thad Castle of Blue Mountain State, appeared on American Idol Season 3, making it to Hollywood by seducing Paula Abdul with a striptease in his audition.

  8. Paula Abdul is credited with discovering Cuba Gooding Jr. when she cast him in a Bugle Boy commercial in the '80s. Abdul also helped him choreograph his touchdown dance in the movie 'Jerry Maguire'.

  9. The director David Fincher also directed music videos for Madonna (Express Yourself and Vogue), Justin Timberlake and Jayz (Suit and Tie), and many more including Paula Abdul and Rick Springfield

  10. American Idol season 2 contestant Corey Clark was kicked off the show for not disclosing his arrest record but later claimed it was due to his secret relationship with judge Paula Abdul

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Steve Jobs, Jerry Seinfeld, Paula Abdul, and Terri Hatcher are all Americans of Syrian descent

I learned that before films like "Se7en" "Zodiac" David Fincher directed a lot of music videos for Madonna, Paula Abdul, Billy Idol, and others. - source

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