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A mycologist named Paul Stamets argues mushrooms will revolutionize our way of life by using the mycelium fungus to clean polluted soil, make insecticides, treat smallpox and even flu viruses.

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The astro mycologist from the Star Trek Discovery show is called Paul Stamets in honor of real-life mycologist and author Paul Stamets

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  1. From Paul Stamets “6 ways mushrooms can save the world” TED talk, that mushrooms and mycelium are powerful antibiotic agents with many potential untapped applications in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, terraforming other planets, ecological healing/the reestablishment of biospheres, and much more.

  2. Lieutenant Paul Stamets in the new Star Trek: Discovery is based on a real American mycologist.

  3. Mushrooms are very very advanced. An interview of Paul Stamets by Joe Rogan. Please watch

  4. Mycologist Paul Stamets of Tedtalk fame, developed a method to degrade hydrocarbons, i.e. from the BP oil spill, using oyster mushrooms

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