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Larry Niven (author of the Ringworld series) was asked to write a novelization of the Halo video game. He declined, but Microsoft still sent him an Xbox and a copy of the game.

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Larry Niven published a story where a Senator tries to stop the space program by traveling in time to cure Robert A. Heinlein of TB, keeping him in the Navy and out of a writing career. The plan backfires when Heinlein becomes an Admiral with great influence on a massive US Space Program.

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  1. The author of Ringworld, Larry Niven, also wrote an essay titled "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" that details how it is possible for Superman to have sex

  2. Several famous science fiction writers contributed scripts to the early seasons of Land of the Lost including Larry Niven, Theodore Sturgeon, Ben Bova, and Norman Spinrad as well as Star Trek writers D.C. Fontana, Walter Koenig, and David Gerrold.

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