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Slow eaters were 42% less likely to be overweight or obese than fast eaters. Even normal-speed eaters had a 29% lower risk of being overweight

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Pregnant women that frequently consumed diet beverages with artificial sweeteners were two times more likely to have babies who were overweight or obese at one year after birth. Also artificial sweeteners weaken the link in our brains between sweetness and calories which can lead to weight gain.

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  1. Men are more likely to be overweight than women, but women are more likely to be severely obese than men.

  2. 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese

  3. 82% of black women in the US are overweight with 56.6% being obese

  4. Overweight or obese girls are at least 15% more likely than their recommended-weight peers to have had anal intercourse

  5. Los Angeles imposed a fast food ban in one of its poorest, least-healthy neighborhoods. In five years, the percentage of overweight and obese people in that area jumped from 63 percent to 75 percent.

  6. Almost 30% of people in the world are obese or overweight.

  7. Nearly 60% of pet cats in America are overweight or obese.

  8. People who believe that obesity is caused by a lack of exercise are more likely to be overweight than those who believe it's caused by a poor diet, because they tend to consume more food on average.

  9. 82% of African American women are overweight or obese, compared to 63% of white American women.

  10. Nearly 50 percent of Canadian soldiers are overweight, 25 percent of them are being obese, and 6.1 percent of them are morbidly obese

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The world's most overweight country isn't the United States, but rather Nauru, an island country in Micronesia, with 97 percent of men and 93 percent of women overweight or obese.

Over 50% of pet dogs and cats in the US are considered obese or overweight - source

In the small Pacific nation of Nauru, 90% of the population is unemployed, 97% of the men and 93% of the women are either overweight or obese, and 40% of the people suffer from Type 2 diabetes. - source

After the Gulf War, American fast food companies began aggressive marketing and expansion in Kuwait. Today Kuwait is the fattest country in the world, with over 70% of the population being overweight or obese.

3/4 of lesbian women are overweight or obese - source

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Until the sixties, clinicians who treated obese and overweight patients dismissed the notion of exercising to lose weight as naive.

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Nauru is the most overweight country in the world by body mass index with 97% of men and 93% of women considered overweight or obese. Nauru also has the world's highest level of type two diabetes with more than 40% of the population affected.

The world's second smallest country, Nauru, has the world's most obese people. As of 2007, an estimated 94.5% of its population is overweight.

Being overweight literally makes you dumber. As body weight increases patients do worse and worse on learning and memory tests. Obesity also literally shrinks the physical size of the brain, damages the areas used for creativity/imagination, and raises the risk of dementia.

71,7% of all inhabitants in the country of Nauru are obese, as being overweight is seen as a status of wealth

Lesbians being overweight is not a false stereotype. "lesbians have more than twice the odds of overweight (odds ratio [OR]=2.69; 95% confidence interval [CI]=1.40, 5.18) and obesity (OR=2.47; 95% CI=1.19, 5.09) as heterosexual women."

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Childhood obesity rates in Canada have tripled since 1979 and 60% of children aged 5-17 are overweight or obese.

Roughly 2 out of 3 adults in america is overweight or obese.

There are different cutoff points for BMI and abdominal obesity metrics among Asians. China and Japan define overweight as a BMI of 24 or higher and obesity a BMI of 28 or higher; in India, overweight is defined as a BMI of 23 or higher, and obesity, a BMI of 27 or higher

By 2020 an estimated 75% of all Americans will be clinically overweight or obese.

People who are overweight or obese have higher survival and recovery rates for stroke and many other conditions. Known as the Obesity Paradox

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It's predicted that by 2030, almost half of the world's adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030

In spite of 80% of Americans now being overweight or obese, Americans actually consumer fewer, not more, calories than in 2003

Nauru a country in the Central Pacific where 97% of men and 93% of women are overweight or obese.

In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 600 million were obese.

82% of black women in United States are overweight with 56.6% being obese

Researchers estimate that many as one billion additional gallons of gasoline are consumed each year due to overweight and obese Americans

Nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight.

97 percent of men on Nauru are overweight or obese.

A Study By The Department of International Health Found That All Americans Would Be Overweight By 2048. Newspapers Everywhere Warned of an "Obesity Apocalypse". Turns Out They Just Read the Statistics Wrong and No One Picked Up On It.

82% of black women in the US are overweight with 56.6% being obese

82% of black women in the US are overweight with 56.6% being obese

In a recent study, 55% of healthcare workers were overweight or obese

Humanity is capable of producing enough food that 30% of the world is overweight or obese

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